Flagelador – Predilecao Pelo Macabro


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On 28 October 2018
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If you like Exodus, Celtic Frost and Iron Maiden, you'll like these guys!!

Sounding musically and technically very early Iron Maiden-ish, this Brazilian quartet from Rio de Janeiro are back with only their 4th full-length album in 16 years. They were formed in 2000 and are currently signed to Hellprod records.

The vocals are delivered in their native Brazilian tongue which at first I thought may impede their impressive technical ability but as the album goes on this isn’t the case. We are introduced into this album via ‘Entre o Martelo e a Bigorna’, a short intro which builds nicely and takes us into ‘Nas Minhas Veias Corre Fogo’, a speedy effort which reminds me in some stges of Exodus’ ‘Piranha’. It has that same sort of beat and similar guitar sound. An impressive start to the album.

According to an online encyclopaedia, only 300 copies in CD format will be made of this 34 minute record which I find quite hard to believe and very surprising. It’s clear as we arrive at ‘Terror Pós-Atômico’ that Exodus are a big influence here. This is another galloping track which like all apart from the title track, are around 2 minutes long. Just enough to hit you in a perfect short/sharp way but also get their point across.

‘Queimando nas Chamas do Heavy Metal’ slows things down a little and takes us on more of a journey about what these guys are really about. This more of a rocky / metal number, hence the title, but it does show some diversity. There’s also some nice soloing mid way through the song. Best song so far.

‘Eternamente Cinza’ sounds ridiculously identical to ‘Nas Minhas Veias Corre Fogo’ which is a real downside to the album for me, but all is forgiven as we enter the epic 11 minute title track. Moody, dark, eerie, this really is the highlight of the album for me as a couple of minutes in we start to gallop along at a steady pace. I would love to hear this song live. There’s power, double bass drums, and some awesome guitar chord changes. There’s a nice break in this too which sounds very similar to Maiden’s ‘Transylvania’. It’s Maiden all over this song and they make a good job of keeping you interested throughout. Lots of references to Celtic Frost’s ‘Dethroned Emperor’ here too. A brilliant, brilliant track.

‘O Infiel’ picks up where we left off prior to the title track, as does ‘M.A.F.’ Two great tracks to close a highly impressive album from this Brazilian bunch. Thoroughly enjoyable.



Armando Exekutor – Guitars (Led) & Vocals

Hugo Golon – Drums

Alan Magno – Bass

Jean Nightbreaker – Guitars (Lead)







If you like Exodus, Celtic Frost and Iron Maiden, you'll like these guys!!

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