Fiona/Unbroken cd

I was as happy as a kid in a sweet shop when i found out that Fiona Flanagan was back in the music business earlier this year, and was due to release an new record, as it has been 19 years since her last release “Squeeze”. As a long time fan, the anticipation of this new album could have easily become a disappointment if the songs were weak, lacking in substance and style.
Fear not though, as Fiona delivers, and then some. The music carries over from the ‘Squeeze’ era but it has a definite contemporary feel to it, and is unmistakably ‘Fiona’, her voice hasn’t really changed much, and Judging from the cd cover, she still looks as lovely as ever.
There are some monster power ballads on here, ‘This Heart’, (an excellent duet with Robin Beck) and ‘Everything You Are’ make the hairs on the back of your next stand up.
The real surprise on this opus though is the re-working of the Pat Benatar mega hit ‘Shadows Of The Night’
Is this a risk to far ?, thankfully, the answer is no, Fiona pulls it off brilliantly, you just have got to hear how she has re-worked this song.
The rest of the album is equally as great, having song writing collaborations with such AOR greats as Holly Knight, James Christian, Tommy Denander and Bobby Messano ensure that the quality of song writing, production and recording are of the highest order.
My only moan is that there are only 11 songs on this release, I want more, hell, after 19 years, I need more. So here’s hoping that we don’t have to wait another 19 years for the next one.
Amazing return for Fiona 9/10.

01. Loved Along The Way
02 Broken
03. I’ve Released You
04. Shadows Of The Night
05. Badge Of Love
06. Wild One
07. This Heart (Duet with Robin Beck)
08. Get Yer Kix
09 Salt on my wings
10. I Love You But Shut Up
11. Everything You Are

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