Final Silence – We Are This For A Reason

Since being formed in early 2006 Final Silence have been carving out a solid fan base in their native Scotland supporting bands such as Bleed From Within.  In 2009 they recorded their debut EP “Past Remains” quickly following that up in 2010 with a second EP “Dawn of a New Day” which has led to the release of their latest offering in the summer of last year – “We are This For a Reason”.

We Are This For a Reason isn’t an album that’s going to find its way into your top 10 albums of all time it’s a very “by the numbers” metal core album that doesn’t throw up much in the way of surprises (other than the bagpipe solo which does put a smile on your face!!) but does have its merits.

The vocal range shown by singer Willie is excellent.  On opening track “I’ll Die Fighting” he shows that he has a voice capable of standing up to anyone in the metal core world, but then on acoustic track “Just For Once” he lets us get a glimpse of his “real voice” just to prove he can actually sing.

The overall production of the album is also very good.  Final Silence have obviously strived for a specific sound and made sure they got it for this album.

The rest of the band are all clearly competent musicians, but they seem unwilling to stretch themselves as the whole album feels like “it’ll do” rather than a polished piece of music.  Initially the drum work and guitars on tracks such as “Riding a Redhead” and “Wired at Heart” will have you nodding along as you listen, but after 3 or 4 songs you’re left wondering “Is this it?”

Overall, We Are This For A Reason is a very polished album, which shows a lot of potential for the band, but sadly falls short on this occasion, so I’m only able to award it 6/10

We Are This For a Reason is available now on Casket Records.

Final Silence play this year’s “Noise Annoys” in Stirling on August 18th.

Track Listing:

  1. I’ll Die Fighting
  2. Self Deliverance
  3. Wired At Heart
  4. Just For Once
  5. What The Hell’s This Crap Supposed To Be?
  6. I’m Just Like You
  7. You Wanna Rape This
  8. Collapse!
  9. Jaw Ripper
  10. Riding A Redhead
  11. What Have We Done?

Final Silence are:
Vocals – Willie
Guitars – Dave
Guitars – Mikey
Bass/B.Vocals – Swan
Drums – Cowie

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