Fatal Force: Unholy Rites

Fatal Force: Unholy Rites
The debut Fatal Force release was back in 2006, so this is very much a side project for Guitarist Torben Enevoldsen, having recently played on last year’s Fate album ‘Ghosts From The Past’. He has actually been an integral part of Section A, Acacia Avenue and Decoy, as well as releasing a trio of solo albums. So this then is the second album from Fatal Force, and Torban has surrounded himself with completely different musicians this time around, with Michael Vescera taking over from Mats Leven on vocals, and bringing in Dennis Hansen on drums.
This release straggles the US styled 80’s Melodic Heavy Rock and current Euro Power Metal with a clean sharp production, bringing the guitars to the front, making this an unashamedly metal release with a touch of Melodic power via the Keyboards Torban adds to the mix.
This is a strong release, especially the opening track ‘Run for Cover’, ‘Unholy Rites’, which is the title track and ‘Lessons in Evil’, however after a while, the album tends to sound to familiar, as if you have heard it all before, it offers nothing new in terms of music and style, however what it does offer is very well done.
Torben Enevoldsen – Bass, Guitars, Keys
Dennis Hansen – Drums
Michael Vescera – Vocals

Track Listing
1. Run For Cover
2. Unholy Rites
3. Fight
4. Lessons In Evil
5. In Silence
6. No One Will Listen
7. Higher Ground
8. Listen To Reason
9. Enter The Night
10. House Of Pain


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