Falling Red – Hasta La Victoria Siempre CD review

Punk is all about sex, drugs and rock n’ roll, and there is no better band to communicate this in their music that the mighty sleaze rockers Falling Red. Now in 2011 this Newcastle based band have released their finest work on a four track EP entitled Hasta La Victoria Siempre which captures all the anarchy, all the balls to the wall heaviness and punch up songs which 2010 Shake the Fate had, but this time with more memorable and catchier songs, Falling Red have managed to release one of the finest EP’s of 2011 thus far!

The vocal parts on this album are definitely suited to this insane genre and you hear it especially in the first two tracks ‘Come on Down’ and ‘My Little Vice’ where singer Andrew Rozey Roze has his time to shine as his magnificent vocals smashes through your speakers like a ten tone weight coming down on a granny, and quite surprisingly, that sounds like something Falling Red would do to a granny. It’s good that Falling Red has such a great vocalist to sing cheesy but never the less gritty lyrics like:

“Come on down, Come on down, I want to get fucked up in this town, Come on down, Come on down, I want to get fucked up in this town, WOOHHHHH!” You can just imagine out now, one hundred or so people slamming their fists in the air while screaming along to this simple, but never the less effective chorus.

The Musicianship on Hasta La Victroia Siempre is second to none, and despite what critics say about punk/sleaze musicians not being able to play their instruments properly, my god can Falling Red wail. Whether it be their dirty sounding guitar lines, or the driving rhythm section, every part fits together perfectly and the outcome is tracks like the amazing anthem that is ‘If You ain’t Down with the Rock’.

The great thing about Falling Red is that they just don’t stick to the typical punk rock scene. They are diverse and try different things such as the beautiful acoustic track ‘The Last Kiss Goodbye’ which has to be credited as one of the best ballads from a punk band ever. They step away from all that anarchy and rage, and calm things down a bit with what technically is a love song, which would be great to see a few more of these on the next album.

Falling Red are the best band out there at the moment playing punk rock, and as they are only a young band, we can expect great things to come from them, so bring on the next album, let the rebellion rise and down with anything that doesn’t sound as fucking awesome as Falling Red! [8]

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