Falling Eden – Falling Eden (Single Review)

Falling Eden

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On 22 March 2018
Last modified:22 March 2018


Excellent start to the recorded output from Falling Eden.

Falling Eden, the new kids on the rock block from Crewe impress from the off with their first self penned tune ‘Falling Eden’, due for release on March 23rd 2018 via Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and Deezer.

Backed by a powerful, thought provoking video (which you can view at the end of this review) and an in your face production from Glyn Sutton, it hits hard immediately with an intense chorus with lead vocalist Adi Moscati soaring with aplomb as it progresses to slow burning verses with sparse guitar chords from Rick Mason that allow for the vocals to deliver their futuristic message as the choruses kick in again containing piercing guitar lines.

Snapping snare work from drummer Steven Hadzik, a riff laden midsection bolstered by the grooving bass guitar lines of Rudi Heinemann and keyboard touches from Jazz Sladen precede one last burst of the instantly memorable chorus and an outro riff which strangely reminded me of ‘A Touch Of Evil by Judas Priest. A debut album is on the way and if the songs are as good as this, then their future is rising not falling!

Falling Eden band line up :-

Adi Moscati – Lead vocals.

Rudi Heinemann – Bass guitar.

Ste Hadzik – Drums.

Rick Mason – Guitar.

Jazz Sladen – Keyboards.


Excellent start to the recorded output from Falling Eden.

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