EXORCISM announce Alexis Von Kraven as new drummer

EXORCISM have announced the addition of drummer ‘Alexis Von Kraven‘ to the group’s ranks.

AlexisVonKraven-600x387The  band says in a statement: “Alexis is an accomplished and innovative drummer. He has played in bands MOXY, HEAVENS  FIRE, MOTHER’S GREEN, MARKA DIABLO and many more. Alexis also has extensive experience as a studio drummer for various projects.”

Kraven will make his live debut with EXORCISM to join his new bandmates on their first European tour ever, set to kick off on November 1st in Spain. EXORCISM recently confirmed for HARD ROCK HELL VIII, November 15 in North Wales, UK.

Csaba Zvekan – Vocals
Joe Stump – Guitars
Lucio Manca – Bass
Alexis Von Kraven – Drums

EXORCISM recently released the critically acclaimed debut album ‘I AM GOD‘ earlier this year.



Source: http://www.rockngrowl.com/exorcism-announces-new-drummer

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