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On 22 October 2014
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Exodus prove they belong in the Big 4 of thrash metal with yet another release of uncompromising rage.

EXODUS  Blood In, Blood OutTo say that the release of the 10th studio album Blood In, Blood Out by legendary Bay Area, California based U.S thrash metal innovators Exodus was welcomed by me and no doubt other long standing fans was a relief is an understatement following the 2010 album Exhibit B:The Human Condition. Since long standing  guitarist Gary Holt has been split between Exodus duties and helping out Slayer onstage since the death of Jeff Hanneman I wondered whether we would see another album from Exodus but they have blown any doubts away with one of their strongest albums for years. What makes this more special is the surprise return of Steve “Zetro” Souza who left Exodus in 2004. His replacement Rob Dukes did a fine job in his tenure with the band, recording three albums, one of which was a re-recording of Exodus’ ground breaking 1985 release Bonded By Blood, retitled Let There Be Blood.

Blood In, Blood Out was released on October 14th in North America and on the 10th in Europe via Nuclear Blast Records. Production duties were undertaken by Andy Sneap, guitarist in Hell and previously of Sabbat thus using his metal experience in bringing out the rage of their music. Of course the ferocious riffs and solos of Gary Holt and Lee Altus, the colossal drums of Tom Hunting and the devilish snarl of Steve Souza dominate but it is a welcome change to have the dextrous bass lines of Jack Gibson pushed high into the mix thus capturing the nearest you can get to an Exodus live performance. Exodus like to write long songs with numerous time changes and album opener ‘Black 13’ is a fine example of their craft. A surprisingly industrial type beat is followed by a huge grinding riff which accelerates into familiar Exodus territory as the breakneck snapping snare of Tom Hunting propels us into six minutes of thrash heaven. The vocals of Steve shows he still has his deranged snarl and scream.

There is no pause for breath as the title track hurtles in on a rollercoaster ride of drum driven mayhem backed by sharp stabbing guitar riffs. A crushing breakdown midway precedes wailing twin lead solos. At just over an hour long with 11 songs, the album is a marathon of a listen at times but when the quality of the songs are this good it is best to have them all here than left in the studio. Other highlights are ‘Salt The Wound’, the catchy but intense main riff slows the pace down with Jack’s bass lines forcing their way through. Gary Holt is joined by Kirk Hammett to trade guitar solos who of course played with Exodus in their early days but left to join Metallica before Bonded By Blood was released. ‘Body Harvest’ is a multi time changing circle pit forming slammer and the crunching riff section midway should get many a toxic waltz under way!  Another special guest features on the next track ‘BTK.

Chuck Billy, lead vocalist in Testament lends his mighty bellow to the seven minute long chugging opus here. The minute long pounding intro leads into mighty mid paced thrash which is the calm before the storm of the clubbing rhythms of ‘Wrapped In The Arms Of Rage’. Deft touches of guitar harmonies add texture to the song showing that Exodus have more than one string to their bow. Steve delivers his most vitriolic vocal on the heavy atmospheric doom of ‘My Last Nerve’, another six minute execution of headbanging heaven. Exodus save their fastest riffs till the closing track ‘Food For The Worms’. It is a real foot to the floor adrenaline rush leaving the listener wanting to hear Blood In, Blood Out again and is the heaviest album I’ve heard by them since the 1990 release of Impact Is Imminent.


Album track listing :-

Black 13.

Blood In, Blood Out.

Collateral Damage.

Salt The Wound.

Body Harvest.


Wrapped In The Arms Of Rage.

My Last Nerve.


Honor Killings.

Food For The Worms.


Exodus band line up :-

Steve “Zetro” Souza – Vocals.

Gary Holt – Guitars.

Lee Altus – Guitars.

Tom Hunting – Drums.

Jack Gibson – Bass guitar


Exodus prove they belong in the Big 4 of thrash metal with yet another release of uncompromising rage.

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