I first saw Exit State in in October last year supporting Marseille, and im glad I did, as i decided they where one of my bands to watch out for in 2011.
It was fitting that they played just under Gun at the latest S.O.S Festival, a slot i feel they richly deserved. It gave me a chance to experience them on a bigger stage, as the last time I met the guys was at the HardRockHell Roadtrip in Ibiza, in June. That was a mad week and Roy and I had to assure ourselves that we did go, as neither of us could remember much about it, except for sharing a beer at 6.30am one very drunken morning.
So the new record, what’s it like ?
From the opening infectious bass riff for “ Enough already” you know that Exit State have raised their game from the previous release “Death of a Rockstar”, there same take on guitar driven rock is still here, its just that this is a bolder version. Roy positively screams his way through the opening track, “Enough Already” an effortless blend of metal and pop driven rock.
The scene is set, and the band deliver, in spades, Roy’s voice is perfect for the Exit State sound, he almost takes 2nd stage to these guitar driven tracks, yet his powerful voice drive’s these songs along as much as the guitars do.
There’s some killer guitar riffs on this release especially on “Check out the crazy” and “Circles”.

“Stay” is an Exit State take on a quiet/soft love song, if there is a such a words as quiet or soft in the Exit State arsenal, this is still a powerful song just itching to burst into a full on tour de force, but thankfully it never does.
Then its straight back into full on rock with “Black veins”, the title track, the rest of this release follows in the same vein, power driven rock, with chunky guitars, deep bass riffs, and pounding drums, except for “All for you”, this is a gentle piece played on a piano, with atmospheric vocals from Roy, and a brooding solo from Gizz Butt. The final track starts off slow, but sure enough, soon erupts into another guitar driven track, Exit State do have some lighter moments on this release, but all in all, its just a riot of infectious tunes, and I love it. Straight into my top 10 releases of the year so far.
If you like your music aggressive, slightly experimental, with an edge, then this is for you.
This is a great release and should expose the band to a wider audience 8/10.
Exit State are:
Roy Bright: Vocals and Rhythm Guitar.
Adam Stephenson: Lead Guiters.
Peat Hicks: Drums & backing vocals.
Phil Ireland: Bass Guitar & backing vocals.
Out on Rocksector records on the 3rd October.
Exit State website is Here.
Rocksector Records website is Here.
SOS Festival website is Here.

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