Exhumer – Degraded By Sepsis.

ExhumerOn seeing the band name, I confused Exhumer with thrash metal legends Exumer but as the disturbing soundbites of album opener ‘Admire Your Ending’ fade into the barrage of blast beats of ‘Vapours Of Cadaveric Mucilage’, this is a completely different animal altogether. Death metal in it’s purest form can be an uplifting experience and after the 27 minute aural battering of Exhumer’s 2nd full length studio album Degraded By Sepsis, it was played again immediately. Easily the heaviest and most sonically brutal album I’ve heard for a long time.

Formed in Apulia, Italy in 2004, Degraded By Sepsis follows their Sick & Deviance EP from the same year and debut album Bloodcurdling Tool Of Digestion released in 2008. Available via Comatose Music and Lion Music, Degraded By Sepsis’ 11 tracks are hard to dissect due to the intensity of their delivery but what grabs you immediately is the vocal delivery by Diego Fanelli. As with most death metal albums, the lyrics are unintelligible and the voice is used as an instrument and his guttural bellow is the perfect foil to the musical bombast. Along with the aforementioned ‘Admire Your Ending’ there are another 2 slices of instrumentals to give some respite from the musical carnage. ‘Misery’ is a jarring piano piece with swathes of demonic whispers and ‘Scent Of Decomposition’ can only be described as a Hellish soundscape.

Instant segments of note are the frenetic guitar lines that burst between the thudding riffs of  ‘Vapours Of Cadaveric Mucilage’ as the recording levels seem to be past the point of no return, the battering ram bludgeon of the drum patterns and riffs of ‘Pungent Aroma Of Uterine Necrosis’, the breakdowns in ‘Effervescence Of Corroded Coarse Remains’ are like being in the epicentre of a nuclear shock wave, the monotone drum and matching vocal tempo of Foaming Secretions and the cataclysmic closing track Putrescine, where Exhumer  seem to vent their anger to the utmost brings an end to this rollercoaster ride.

Exhumer band line up :-

Marco ‘Furiogrind’ Aromatario – Guitars.

Alyosha Danisi – Bass Guitar.

Paolo Damato – Drums.

Diego Fanelli – Vocals.


Degraded By Sepsis track listing :-

Admire Your Ending.

Vapours Of Cadaveric Mucilage.

Pungent Aroma Of Uterine Necrosis.

Effervescence Of Corroded Coarse Remains.

Foaming Secretions.


Enzimas Podridas.

Adipocere Corporal Glue.

Scent Of Decomposition.

Degraded By Sepsis.


Download Degraded By Sepsis here:

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