Evile ‘Shout Out Against Hate’ Headlining Metal Fest in support of Amnesty International and Sophie Lancaster Foundation 24.11.12


Saturday the 24th of November, Leicester kick off a Metal Fest all dayer at Leicester Square, home to Metal Hammer’s alternative, rock and metal night Redeemer. Metal Fest was set up in aid of the Amnesty International and Sophie Lancaster Foundation, to front the night was the great supporters of the two charities Evile.

It was an awe-inspiring experience to see the amount of activity from the locals and all the effort put in to raise money for two devoted causes. The Amnesty International’s purpose is to “protect people wherever justice, fairness, freedom and truth are denied”. They strongly campaign for control of arms, demanding and supporting change in the Middle East and North Africa, security and human rights, abolition on death penalty, action on individuals seeking  justice and immediate action individuals who are in danger, refugees and asylum, poverty and  women’s human rights.

The Sophie Lancaster Foundation is highly known in the metal scene. The horrific story behind it is why it is well supported and grows each day to help against prejudice, hatred and intolerance.

The dayer got involved some serious metallers with Project Mischief, My Legacy, Death Head, Chaos Engine, Entity, Unter Mensch, Foul Body Autopsy and of course headliners Evile.

Evile donated a signed ‘Enter The Grave’ vinyl, their latest album ‘Five Serpent’s Teeth’ and a T-shirt of the raffle winner’s choice, not only did the band donate gifts but all merchandise sold on the night, all the proceeds went to charity.

The night ignited as Evile took to the stage with the intro ‘Hundred Wrathful Deities’. The fans had crowed together as close as possible,  kicking off the mosh pit as ‘Enter The Grave’ was announced. From what little stage they had Evile overpowered the venue with stage presence and musicianship. The performance flowed through smoothly and tightly, with some of the strongest songs Evile have produced, ones where fans could raise their horns and cry out those lyrics. The entertainment given brought in so much attraction and attention to the charities, it deserves.

Tonight was a celebration in raising money for two creditable causes. I can safely say my horns are up for the organisers, the bands and the punters for a truly successful night.




Evile’s Set List
Hundred Wrathful Deities (Intro/Instrumental)
Enter the Grave
In Dreams Of Terror
We Who Are About To Die
Eternal Empire
Five Serpents Teeth
Infected Nation


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