EVERY MOTHER’S NIGHTMARE To Begin Recording New Album in 2020

EVERY MOTHER’S NIGHTMARE To Begin Recording New Album in 2020

EVERY MOTHER’S NIGHTMARE will enter the studio in December to begin recording a new album. The follow-up to 2017’s ‘Grind’ will be released in 2020. ‘Grind’ was released on October 6, 2017 via HighVolMusic.

Earlier this year at Rock N Pod 3 in Nashville, TN, Rick Ruhl spoke with ‘Ages of Rock Podcast’ saying that the band has been writing and is in pre-production with a handful of songs written and ready to record. A new single is all ready to go and we’re just waiting for the right time to release it. “We’ve been riding on the ‘Grind’ record for over two years which is really unheard of for a band like this these days I think. We’ve had some great success with it. We also did two reissues with ‘Smokin’ Delta Voodoo’ and ‘Backtraxx’ and released ‘Grind’ on vinyl all within a two-year period so yea I’m pretty happy. Plus, we did a couple of videos one for each reissue. Now it’s time to move forward, ‘Grind’ was good but the next one is going to overshadow it. It’s going to be a little left and heavier of the ‘Grind’ record. The band is the strongest it has ever been and we all gel really well together which makes the writing sessions strong. I think people are going to be very surprised at this one. I want to be known for what I’m doing not what I’ve done. I am humbled and appreciative of where this band has come from and what it has done all the way through right here and now. But hopefully years down the road someone will say, hey EMN was a cool band and really did something.”

EVERY MOTHER’S NIGHTMARE played dates throughout 2018 in support of the releases and are heading to Europe in March 2020 to play the Hard Rock Hell and Sleazfest festivals in their first-ever European tour. They then return to Europe again in May 2020 to play The Call of The Wild festival and complete a UK tour.

The working title for the new record is ‘Fray’ and will be the 12th release in the bands

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