Epta7 – ‘Eptasystem’ EP

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On 4 August 2014
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Fine debut EP from new young Dublin band.

Epta7 are a four piece from Cork, with a mixture of Irish and Italian backgrounds.  They formed in late 2012, with two additional members joining in 2013 and released their, their demo EP, ‘Eptasystem’ in May 2014.

Epta7 artwork‘Eptasystem’ is a four track EP and from the first listen it is not hard to tell who Epta7 are influenced by.  T he title track begins quietly , with just the subdued spoken vocal of Miss Grey to suddenly burst into life with a very tribal style drum beat and enormous guitar riff. Big Problem Snow’s vocals blast through and are very to reminiscent of Dez Fafara (Devil Driver). The track includes a quiet respite before a full throttle finish.

‘Fallen Gabriel’ bursts straight to life with a full in your face heavy guitar and drums.  This track is very Pantera influenced with it’s southern groove thrash. The lyrics on this track keep referring to seven ways to forget – a clever way to remind the listener of their band name!

While the next track, ‘Walking Ghost’ keeps up the heavy thrash, ‘Moon Canvas’ has a different groove to it with it’s tribal drum beat and bass intro.  This track is a softer track and quite hypnotic in it’s structure, and the vocals, although still growly, are softer and show off more range.

Track list:

Eptasystem / Walking Ghost / Fallen Gabriel / Moon Canvas

Recommended listening:  Moon Canvas

You can find out more about Epta7 at https://www.facebook.com/Epta7metalband

Fine debut EP from new young Dublin band.

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