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On 4 September 2017
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A fantastic EP that fans who enjoyed The Holographic Principle will love

Epica fans who loved the last album (The holographic principle) are in for a treat as Epica release “The solace system”. It’s a six track EP made up of songs that were recorded as part of the Holographic Principle sessions but which didn’t make it onto the album. Does this mean it’s just a collection of songs that weren’t good enough for the album? Not at all – any one of these songs is good enough to have been on the album, but since the band didn’t want to release a double album it inevitably meant leaving out some high quality songs.
Some bands would have released a “tour edition” or similarly titled re-issue of the album with the bonus tracks added, but Epica have chosen to release the extra material as a separate EP which is good news for fans.

If you’ve got The Holographic Principle then you’ll know exactly what to expect from this EP. It’s rich grandiose symphonic metal with the use of both orchestra and choir, but at it’s core it is still metal and is nice and heavy. Strip away the orchestra and choir and you’d still have one hell of a good album – those elements add to the sound without obscuring the fact it’s a metal album.

“Immortal melancholy” is a track that stands out as different right from the start with the acoustic guitars and Simone’s soft and beautiful vocals before she moves into the more usual powerful but still beautiful style that we’re used to from her, but the music remains quite soft and gentle. It’s a beautiful track that shows the range of Simone’s voice nicely.

A fantastic EP.

Track listing:

1. The solace system
2. Fight your demons
3. Arhitect of light
4. Wheel of destiny
5. Immortal melancholy
6. Decoded poetry

A fantastic EP that fans who enjoyed The Holographic Principle will love

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