Energumen – Void Spiritualism 7″ (Blood Harvest)

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On 6 September 2014
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More depraved underground sounds from the Blood Harvest label.

ENERGUMEN - Void Spiritualism 7-EP - coverThis is the debut 7” outing from this Swiss Death Metal outfit, the Swiss always seem to produce metal with that extra air of malevolence about it. Opening track “Self Abortion Ritual” instantly is reminiscent of Napalm Death’s “Mentally Murdered “period, the powerful bass driven guitar sound with that beautiful ring from the ride cymbal. The vocals are swamped in reverb to give a graveyard demon effect. The riffing is relentless, battering of blasts and bottom end heavy kick before splitting off into a more recognizable old school Incantation style of hammering. The label Blood Harvest which has released this should be watched as they are releasing an ever increasing list of impressive death metal. None of it is of the big labels ilk, this is as underground as it comes and attention is needed to really understand what is going on as it is all so chaotic but ultimately rewarding. This is again not for those that like their death metal pristine and over produced with every beat exactly in the right place. This band is another one who race along on adrenaline and the pure spirit of death metal.


1. Self Abortion Ritual
2. Invisible Spears of Abomination
3. Ekliptik Manifestation of Dominance

M.RMSR – Drums
J.FHRR -Guitars, Vocals, Bass

More depraved underground sounds from the Blood Harvest label.

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