EMPIRE AURIGA Premiere Comeback Track ‘Jubilee Warlord’

Empire Auriga
Empire Auriga

Individualist black/ambient/industrial cult EMPIRE AURIGA premiere the new track “Jubilee Warlord” at heavily trafficked web-portal NoCleanSinging.com. The song hails from EMPIRE AURIGA’s comeback album, Ascending the Solar Throne, set for release on August 19th via MORIBUND RECORDS. EMPIRE AURIGA’s debut album, Auriga Dying, was critically acclaimed for its ahead-of-the-time fusion of black metal, dark ambient, and industrial, all coalescing into a cosmic black hole that was both devouring and debilitating. Eight years later, EMPIRE AURIGA return with the highly anticipated Ascending the Solar Throne. Aptly titled once again, EMPIRE AURIGA bring us the true sound of interstellar death with Ascending the Solar Throne. Here, the mysterious trio exists as the delirious melancholia awakened by union with the void, wisps encircling the kernal of futility at the center of each body, shining with listless abandon, seething as evaporation through obsolete ruins, smoldering with the intuition of having seen through the membrane. This is the sound of Ascending the Solar Throne! Hear for yourself exclusively HERE, courtesy of NoCleanSinging.com. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:


Tracklisting for EMPIRE AURIGA’s Ascending the Solar Throne

1. Prophetic Light [5:45]

2. Jubilee Warlord [5:32]

3. The Solarthrone [5:01]

4. Waste [2:50]

5. Planetary Awakening [5:30]

6. Are You Worthy of Gold? [4:06]

7. The Foundation of All Human Fears [4:56]

8. The Last Passage of Azon Grul [7:21]


With EMPIRE AURIGA’s current lineup consisting of Boethius (“communications”), 90000065B (“transmissions”), and Gestalt (“static”), a communique from the band reads: “Ascending the Solar Throne hovers, wavering, in a state of paradoxical scope and size, simultaneously collapsing and shrinking back into itself and expanding outward like vapors finding escape through cracks in a facade. A hallucination induced by internalized elements of black metal, doom, psychedelic, shoegaze, industrial, and contemporary ambient, facilitated by DSP environments, immersed deep in catatonic trance like an oil-puddle rainbow, EMPIRE AURIGA seeks the machine in the ghost.”




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