Emerald – interview with bassist Adriano Troiano.

I had the pleasure of catching up with Adriano Troiano, bassist from Emerald.

We find out more about the band, their influences, Adriano gives us a quick track by track description of all the tracks from “Unleashed”, what their plans are and so on.

Can you please introduce the band to the readers, please?

Emerald are a band from Switzerland and active since 1995. We have released 6 Albums, since 2010 we have a new Line-up including new Lead Singer Thomas Winkler.

Any Swiss bands you would recommend to the PM readers.

We often play with Pertness, they are up and coming. Gonoreas are also very good, they have released a kick-ass video and new cd, they played Bloodstock this year!

Any other bands you would recommend not just from Switzerland.

We just had the opportunity to tour with Helstar and the Order of Chaos. Many people so know Helstar of course, but you have to check out the Order of Chaos from Canada, their singer Amanda is an unbelievable performer. I love their Songs and they are all very talented musicians.

What inspires you?

We are inspired by the injustices in the world and the evil that men do. A lot of our lyrics are about breaking out of this society and general awareness of what’s going on in this world.

Musically we tried to make the best album we could and hope to get more Fans to like our Music and come to our shows. We really hope to play some major Festivals next summer.

What was your inspiration or starting point for ‘”Unleashed”

We wanted to make a enjoyable Album with shorter Songs and fluent arrangements. With “Re-forged” we started anew with the new line-up, with “Unleashed” we are firing on all cylinders !

Do you have a particular writing process for songs or is it different for each song that you come up with?

It’s always different, it depends on who brings the Riffs to the Song, then we all arrange the Song, who goes through different stages until we find the perfect sequences to all Songs. Our Singer Thomas then works with the author of the song to get the Melody-Line that fits the Song.

How did the recording sessions go? Any stories you wish to share.

Normally we record all Ghost Track at my Homestudio. Then we record Drums and Rythm Guitars at VO Pulvers Place. We did the last record with him, so we knew already what to expect. I get the files and record Bass on my own; then we add guitarsolos and Keyboards. Then I send the files back, the vocals we recorded als with VO.

Can you please give us a track-by-track description of “Unleashed”

Face Of Evil – Fast Opener that shows that we are on a roll, with a very heavy centred part. Perfect opener

F.T.M  – Very fast and heavy number that cumulates to a groovy. Chorus and a very cool solo part.       

Another Universe – A Maidenesque Song that includes some very wicked Guitar and Bass Lines. The Song is about Dreams and Reality.          

A Past Never Born – Our dramatic and slow. Epic that culminates to a majestic chorus. Fantastic acoustic guitar work by our guitar player Manuel.

Eye Of The Serpent – This is a classic Heavy Metal Song in the vein of Omen or Iron Maiden. Former Omen Singer George Call is featured on vocals.

Harleking – A more neo-classical Song, as we had done in the past. Features great polyphonic Choruses and a thin whistle  

Blessed – A Song about the Evil of atomic Power. The middle Part is very doomy, the main-riff is based on a unused song

Ancient Mystery – We tried to do a more melodic-rock Song, but with all these wonderful little guitar-harmonies and an awesome Chorus, it’s another Emerald Classic.

Wrath Of God – The Closer of the Album is very gloomy and mysterious. It’s starts off with Keyboards and cello and it culminates into a great fast solopart that leads into a mellow ending before the intro comes back. Very interesting Song.

Do you have a favourite track? If so, why?

At the Moment it’s F.T.M., this song really sums the Album up. And I love the chorus and middle part very much.

How did you pick the artwork for the album?

Our Drummer Al, does all the Artwork, the Videos and the Layout. He brought some ideas and we collectively decided what we wanted, as usual not everybody can be made happy. But I think he did a great job and the Artwork is really striking.

What is planned next for you guys?

We just finished the tour, as mentioned above. It was a hell of a time and we had so much fun and got to meet a lot new fans and friends.

We will play a show at our hometown on September 21st and then Headline the Razorblade Festival on September 29th.

Any messages you would like to pass on to the readers.

Make sure to check out the new Album and come to our Shows. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Thank you to Adriano for taking the time to filling this in.


Band members:

Michael Vaucher – Guitars
Adriano Troiano – Bass
Thomas Winkler – Vocals
Manuel Werro – Guitars
Al Spicher – Drums
Thomas Vaucher – Keyboards







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