Eluveitie – The Early Years

I love a good Celtic tune and so when I was asked if I wanted to review the new album by Eluveitie I said….well…go on then!  Due to be released on 17 August, the new album is called ‘The Early Years’ and looking at the track listing it is easy to see why, as the album is simply their first EP and album re-recorded and re-mastered.  The first 6 are from their EP ‘Vên’ with the remaining 11 from their debut album, ‘Spirit’. 

The self-financed EP ‘Vên’ was recorded and originally released in 2003, with the band’s first gig taking place early 2004.  Having gained a reputation as a great live act, Eluveitie continued to tour and shared stages with the likes of Amon Amarth, Finntroll and Korpiklaani, and soon followed up their EP with their debut album ‘Spirit’, released in 2006. 

Being described as folk metal already brings to mind images of flutes, Celtic rhythms and drums and a possible haunting, slightly unearthly sound in places, and this album has all of that.  There are some beautiful melodies to these songs, and the re-recording/mastering has done a great job to bring the songs to 2012.  Having said that, the term is folk METAL, and don’t forget that.  Though these songs are undeniable full of that haunting Celtic’ness (if that can be a word) the male vocals remind you that this is indeed metal.  While some melodies may be beautiful, I wouldn’t use necessity use this album to rock a baby to sleep as Chrigel Glanzmann’s vocals are anything but pretty.  There is clearly a heavy push towards the metal with this album and I think it pays off nicely.  For a good snapshot choose ‘The Endless Knot’ or ‘The Dance of Victory’ from the ‘Spirit’ album.  Both are good examples of the melodies I mention, as well as the harshness of Chrigel’s vocals.

It is an interesting mix and not one I was expecting myself from the term ‘folk metal’.  I admit, I was expecting prettiness all the way through, not death style vocals and thrashy elements.  Given the mix of influences, this album has the potential to appeal to a wide audience, and so regardless of your preferred genre, I suggest you give it a listen as there is so much combined within these songs that you may very easily find something there you like.


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Track List

  1. Verja Urit An Bitus (re-recorded)
  2. Uis Elveti (re-recorded)
  3. Oro (re-recorded)
  4. Lament (re-recorded)
  5. Druid (re-recorded)
  6. Jezaig (re-recorded)
  7. Spirit
  8. Uis Elveti
  9. Your Gaulish War
  10. Of Fire Wind & Wisdom
  11. Aidu
  12. The Song of Life
  13. Tegernako
  14. Siraxta
  15. The Dance of Victory
  16. The Endless Knot
  17. An Dro

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