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Eddie 9V (9-Volt)

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On 7 May 2024
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Rock steady Eddie 9V revs up the power with new recently released single 'Saratoga'.

Once again, the resurgence in the blues comes up with another quality release, point proven by ‘Saratoga’, latest single on Ruf Records from Eddie 9V (9-volt), but you can add another two zeros to that due to the party starting energy it unleashes! At the tender age of 15, he paved his way to the roots and blues club circuit of his native Atlanta, Georgia.

It’s taken from a forthcoming studio album in 2024 and he adds, “Saratoga was written under a perfect Western landscape that has a desert/disco vibe to it, so much so that he is recording the album in the Rocky mountains!”

‘Saratoga’ is a neat little nifty, shifty three minutes of attention grabbing blues majesty. A little shuffled intro sets the pace for some beautiful little earworms of neat guitar lines, sultry backing vocals and his vocals have a gritty persona that adds muscle, picking up the pace for a full on band outro.

He’s currently on an extensive 2024 tour that includes May dates in the UK.

Eddie 9V info :- http://eddie9volt.com / https://linktr.ee/eddie9volt

Rock steady Eddie 9V revs up the power with new recently released single 'Saratoga'.

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