Ebonillumini – Esuarine & Worms of Sabnock – Grand Religious Finale EP Review

Released February 2012 by Diptera Records

I am a huge fan of Ebonillumini, Worms of Sabnock and Meads of Asphodel, so being personally asked by Chalice to review this split EP by Ebonillumini an Worms of Sabnock is a real honour.

The Ep consists of four Ebonillumini tracks and six Worms of Sabnock tracks.

The first few seconds of Danger transports me to a beach through sounds of waves and sea birds.  Slowly a church bell begins to chime, while a droning synth overlaps the sounds and an eerie vocal begins to suck me into a dark place. After a short drum fill at 2.35 the track kicks in with a phenomenal guttural growl and a faster pace, followed by an entrancing

chanting. The distinctive screams familiar to me from Meads of Apsohdel begin a question and answer session with the slower chanting vocals. A 4.40 a short guitar solo adds another dimension of sound. At 7.21 a strange section starts that makes me uneasy and yet uplifted at the same time, which then ends with a feeling of resolution.

Water starts off very peaceful and harmonious. A build up of chanting climaxes to a slightly faster pace with synth sounds and overlapping sounds. This envelope of noise suddenly stops and is returned to the same slow pace as the beginning. I particularly like the end section that starts at 4.18 with quiet fast riffs and haunting vocal melodies.

Land starts off with another sense of uneasiness with an interesting jumble of sounds, almost like a band tuning up and the distinctive sound of hand drums which makes me think of sun. This feeling is emphasised even more when Middle Eastern flutes join in.

Air builds up to an epic collection of sounds, a soulful guitar sound pierces through at 0.58. A drum fill cuts in and the vocals kick in. At 2.07 the tracks feel changes again to a more definite positive feel, but changes yet again later on to a sense of uneasiness the unclean vocals then rip through. The track changes yet again to a slower peaceful period, which then builds up to a climax to finish the track on a last theatrical note.

I am very interested to see how the two bands fit together on this EP, and what Worms of Sabnock bring to the table after Ebonillumini’s spiritual experience. I am sure that I will be transported to a very different place.

The intro gets me in the mood for something considerably darker with an excerpt talking about religion.

The first track Nature’s Whore starts with a pounding beat in the first few seconds. At 40 seconds in, an unexpected violin sound cuts through and the track changes again to a faster pace. The section at 1.16 is very interesting; I enjoyed the question and answer idea with the vocals screaming between the combined sound of the drums and guitar. A menacing and impressive scream erupts at 2.13 which brings us to the next stage of the track with interesting effect of the vocals. At 3.56 a beautiful violin harmony begins and a slower paced guitar carries this track to the end.

Grand Religious Finale is another pounding beast of a track at 22 seconds in through the chunky riffs I can hear an interesting guitar solo, at 1.04 this theme reappears with quite alien sounding guitar noises behind the riffs.

Our Meadows Burn In Blackness starts off with an excerpt of a female French voice talking over a church bell. A slow

unsettling riff comes in which is then joined with the guttering vocals and an unclean vocal underneath. The main riffs in


this track are very catchy. At 2.12 stunning guitar sounds erupt through which are then followed by beautiful acoustic
A drum fill sets us off on a Demonic of Womankind which starts with an interesting guitar riff, fast paced drums and an eerie female vocalist coupling the male screams. I love this marriage of the two vocals. The section at 1.42 is insane! A fantastic interesting and elevating track. guitars. A slower section with the main guitar riff and interesting drum fill follows a period of maniac guitar sounds. At 5.08 I am blown away by the use of guitar sweeping, which is then followed by a spine tingling solo and harmony which is just epic.

A Fear of the Lord I am instantly intrigued by the title of this track. The first part of the track is unrelenting and fast paced. One minute into the track a brilliant guitar harmony follows the tone on the guitar is just magical.

Worms of Sabnocks half of the EP leaves me feeling empowered and also exhausted. As with both bands the tracks are so well thought out and there are so many changes it boggles the mind to come to terms with what my ears are hearing.

Every second of every track changes and has something different going on. Even though this is to be expected with these exceptional bands I am still blown away, how do they come up with all those ideas? Brilliance.


Rating:  10 out of 10


Track Listing:

1. Danger

2. Water

3. Land

4. Air

5. Intro

6. Natures Whore

7. Grand Religious Finale

8. Our Meadows Burn in Blackness

9. Demonic of Womankind

10. A Fear of the Lord


Ebonillumini Lineup:

J.D. Tait- All Instruments

Christina Poupousti:  Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard

André Kjelbergvik Thung (The Mantodea) :  Drummer


Worms of Sabnock Lineup:

Quintus- Gutars, Vocals

Hex- Bass, Vocals

Moros- Drums


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