EBAUCHE NOIRE to release debut album, ‘Pochoir De Cendre’ in September

Ebauche Noire - Pochoir De CendreThe Obscure Vanity label announces the 2nd of September as the release date for Ebauche Noire’s debut, Pochoir De Cendre.

Set to be released on cassette tape and including a woven Ebauche Noire patch, Pochoir De Cendre comprises two tracks with a total running time of nearly 43 minutes.

Formed in 2013 from the ashes of Alienante Damnation, Ebauche Noire leaves behind the conventional, traditional black metal genre and brings forth new ideas in outstanding songwriting and interpretation. A unique journey through quietude, innocence, nostalgia, and evanescent essences, the two extended passages that make up Pochoir De Cendre drift through melancholic black metal moods and emotional catharsis.

Spearheaded by multi-instrumentalist and black metal luminary Adrien Weber (Lord Genocide, Vociferian, Macabra, Alienant Damnation), Belgium’s Ebauche Noire is a new scion of cold and melodic post-black metal. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

1) The Sun and the Moon Forever Rise  [31.40] 2) Where Stars Like Tears Freeze to Crystal  [11:15]

A promo video for the track “Where Stars Like Tears Freeze to Crystal” can be viewed below



Purchasing info can be found HERE.

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