East town pirates – Seven seas of sin

east town pirates - seven seas of sinSeven seas of sin is the second album from Ipswich band East Town Pirates

Pirate metal ranges from the superb (Alestorm), to the great (Running wild) to the downright awful (Skull branded pirates), so not having listened to East Town Pirates before then I was curious to see where in this spectrum they’d fall. Judging by the album cover I was leaning towards the awful end of the scale, but happily that prediction was wrong – this is actually very good.

Imagine The Pogues or Dropkick Murphys, but with the Irish elements taken away and replaced with pirate themes and that’s a fairly good idea for you of what East Town Pirates sound like.  The folk and punk elements mix with rock to create a really infectious fun sound.

There are no slow ballads here – all the songs have a nice brisk pace and fun feel, and I can imagine them going down well at a festival after a few glasses of rum

Well worth a listen.

Rating: 8.5/10

Track listing:

1. Glory days
2. The curse of captain blood
3. The revenge of Emmy Tot
4. John Dobbs’ bones
5. Throw your arms around me darlin’
6. Prisoners lament
7. Avery (The fall of Henry)
8. One for m’lady
9. Rumrunner
10. Another day
11. Seven seas of sin
12. Powderkeg

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