Dragged Into Sunlight – Widowmaker

Mystery surrounds this band. Who are the members and where they are from? All we know is they have been making a racket in the underground and striking worldwide since 2009.  Live they play in near total darkness, thick smoke and for the majority of their set with their backs to the audience, the only promo photo available they are wearing balaclavas.  Outside this the music has been left to do all the talking.

This is their second album and musically different to their debut album “Hatred for Mankind” but atmospherically still as chilling and extreme. “Widowmaker” is split into three parts, “Part 1” is a sparse instrumental of clean guitars which is more akin to the likes of Cult of Luna than DIS. At around the 9 minute mark a violin is introduced which adds to an already uneasy atmosphere. Some samples can be heard lowly in the background, headphones will provide a favourable medium to deal with this. “Part 2” is slow pounding doom death mixed with healthy doses of Neurosis style rhythms, vocally it is Mitch Harris high screams mixed with low gutturals and crusty shouts. The song is such a mix of styles from death metal through crust to post rock. Usually when a band throws everything into the mix it sounds just that; DIS have managed to tie these different styles together with their own unique sound. “Part 3” marches back into slow doom passages with sections of mid paced death metal and again revisits the sparse guitars of “Part One”.

This is no repeat of “Hatred for Mankind”; there are no blasts and little in the way of black metal. The closest point of reference for this album would be Deathspell Omega, not quite as chaotic but summons the same bleak moods. The artwork is equally unsettling with its misshapen black and white figures. The production is thick and oppressive and at other times sparse and ethereal. If this band keep on making records as challenging and organic as this they will certainly in the future be looked on as one of the true greats of extreme metal.


Track Listing

1.       Part One

2.       Part Two

3.       Part Three


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