DORO – ‘Raise Your Fist’

Where do I begin when contemplating how to write this review, Doro Pesch has always to me been the absolute embodiment of Heavy Metal, a woman who has sacrificed so much of her own personal life to pursue a career that now is within touching distance of a truly magnificent 30 years. Through all the changes in the Metal world, Grunge, Metalcore, you name it, one thing has remained a constant, Doro’s amazing ability to adapt without changing, if you see what I mean. Her tried and trusted blend of Heavy Metal anthems, mixed with soul searching ballads and eye misting duets is still sounding as fresh now as when she burst on the scene all those years ago with Warlock.


Raise Your Fist represents Doro’s 17th full length album, a feat in its self that few artists can match, and also marks her debut for want of a better word, for new label Nuclear Blast, and what an absolute triumph it has proven to be.


An album full to overflowing with trademark Doro anthems ’Grab The Bull (Last Man Standing)‘ for example is a classic crowd sing a along track if ever you heard one and I’m sure will become a live favourite. Her beautiful duet with old friend Lemmy on ‘It Still Hurts’ is nothing short of a tearjerker, and shows how versatile Lemmy’s voice actually is. ’Take No Prisoner’ for those of you fellow old schooler’s reading this, is comparable in tempo to ’Three Minute Warning’ ,and is a real dandruff shaker if ever one was written.


Just as you feel your neck muscles can take no more, Doro throws in ’Engel’, a ballad in my view to rival the legendary ’Fur Immer’ in it’s intensity and majestic, epic composition. A track that had me sobbing like a baby , even though as a non German speaker I had no idea what the lyrics were about!


Normal service is quickly resumed however, when she launches full throttle into ’Little Headbanger’, another classic in the making, which will have you reaching for the tennis racket in double quick time.
Revenge’ a track that possibly lay’s claim to being the fastest on the album, and would to be honest, not look out of place on a Motorhead album, is another stormer.


Not just an album of Rock anthems mind, ’Raise Your Fist’ throws up a creditable mix of songs, in particular ’Hero’ a beautiful and so obviously heartfelt tribute to the late great Dio, an artist and indeed friend of Doro that she truly misses. Not that the track is a morose affair by any stretch of the imagination, more a celebration of the man and his legacy.


Doros voice, whilst never pretending to be Operatic or note perfect, sounds as powerful and emotional as ever, just take a listen to something like ’Free My Heart’ for example, with it’s orchestral accompaniment and soaring guitar solo, and tell me with a straight face that it isn’t one of the best things you’ve ever heard.


All in all, ‘Raise Your Fist’ could well prove to be the greatest album she has ever recorded, as she said to me herself recently “our Black album..”, and I wouldn’t disagree. If you’re already a fan then this will serve to cement your devotion, if for some reason you’re a first timer, then prepare to be truly Rocked.


Rating 10/10


Track Listing;
1. Raise Your Fist In The Air.
2. Cold Hearted Lover.
3. Rock ’Til Death.
4. It Still Hurts (featuring Lemmy).
5. Take No Prisoner.
6. Grab The Bull (Last Man Standing).
7. Engel.
8. Freiheit (Human Rights).
9. Little Headbanger (Nackenbrecher).
10. Revenge.
11. Free My Heart.
12. Victory.
13. Hero.

Doro are;
Doro Pesch – Vocals.
Bas Mass – Guitars.
Luca Princiotta – Guitars.
Nick Douglas – Bass.
Johnny Dee – Drums.


‘Raise Your Fist’ is released through Nuclear Blast Records on October the 19th.



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