Djerv – Djerv cd.

Im not one for Black Metal, im more of a classic rock man myself, but I will listen to anything once, and for the most part, Black metal cd’s never get past the first song. The music is sometimes rather good, very inventive, with some killer riffs, but then the “singing” starts, and for me, it all goes down hill from there.
However, what sets this cd apart, is the singing. It is frantic, yet controlled, powerful without being overbearing, and full of purpose and passion.
The singer is question is Agnete Kjølsrud, who fronts Djerv with her unique and dynamic vocal approach, which I can only describe as loud.

The band arnt bad either, Erlend Gjerde on drums and Stian Kårstad on guitar work well together, and i think it is this mixture of the black metal inspired music, overlaid by Agnete’s alt rock vocal performance that gives this cd a unique character.
This cd borders on Black metal while still keeping its roots in alternative rock, and makes an interesting mix of the two genres, but makes it very hard to draw comparisons.
Is it to “soft” to be a black metal record, and is it to “black” to sit on the alt rock shelf, all I know, is I like it, and that’s good enough for me.
The best thing to do, is to listen to the song “madman” below, it’s a killer.

Djerv consist of the three core members Agnete [vocals], Stian [guitar] and Erlend [drums] and is completed by guitarist Stamos Koliousis from Mencea and bassist Victor Brandt from Entombed for their live performances.

The Bowling Pin
Gruesome Twosome
Only I Exist
Ladder to the Moon
Blind the Heat

The Djerv website is Here

watch the video to the new single madman below.


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