Dirt Box Disco – Only In It For The Money

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Dirt Box Disco

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On 16 April 2015
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At worst you're going to find this offensive but if you like a bit of fun, light hearted entertainment, poetry done (S)Punk style then you'll love it. Elements of Rancid, The Buzzcocks, Showaddywaddy yet another great album from The Midlands answer to St Winifred's School Choir!

Dirt Box Disco

Dirt Box Disco who, in their own words, describe themselves as ‘Born in the UK from the malfunction of a terrible musical chemical laboratory experiment!‘ release their fourth album ‘Only In It For The Money’ via STP Records on 19th April 2015, with a series of album launch shows this weekend. The man behind the woolly mask, Spunk Volcano, is also the man behind the quill (although I suspect, a broken Bic is probably more his implement of choice!). He’s such a prolific song-writer he also fronts side project Spunk Volcano & the Eruptions. He’s managed to pull together fourteen songs for the latest offering ‘Only In It For The Money’ with topics ranging from conversation and the art of, Ladyboys, the plus side of being in a band, being stood up and Fat Twats! He’s like a Punk Rock equivalent of Pam Ayres, in fact, underneath that balaclava may well lurk Pam! Who knows? I have my suspicions (or fantasises) but we’ll come to that! I love the album, it’s offensive of course, what do you expect but it’s entertaining and fun. I’m not going to cover all fourteen tracks but here are some observations –

Dirt Box Disco

Opening with the hard hitting, Guest List, at less than two minutes it packs a punk punch. Hard hitting drums, fast guitars and aggressive vocals including ‘You can show me your tits, show me you ass, you’re still not getting a AAA pass’ and the chorus ‘If your names not down not you’re getting in’ and yes I have suffered that indignity when I’m not down for a press pass I have pre-arranged and I feel like punching someone, whilst I’m stood there waiting for it to be sorted. This would be perfect song for punching someone to, have saved it on my phone ready for next time!

With it’s New World Order by Ministry undertones and ‘Please Sir can I have some more,’ in an angelic voice, opening line. Fat Twats and Scumbags isn’t likely to feature in a Charles Dickens movie aimed at children, but it’s a great one for the average Dirt Box Disco fan to sing along to! Something in My Eye about being stood up and dumped is like some strange hybrid version of the song, It’s My Party first recorded by Lesley Goreand Roy Orbison’s Crying done Showaddywaddy style say Under The Moon of Love! The opening riffs to Dirtbox Disco were reminiscent to Loud Hard Fast by Bulletproof Rose or many songs by Status Quo, and I have seen Spunk wearing a Status Quo T-Shirt! With the chorus ‘Disco at the dirtbox disco’ this is sure to become another popular sing-along to at gigs song.

If You Want A Sexy Bird Join A Fuckin Band starts off describing an annoying, boring guy with no personality or the joker of the pack who makes everyone laugh but is really miserable inside, heart wrenching stuff, before bursts of the chorus ‘If you want a sexy bird join a fucking band’ and has some Rancid style Ska Punk beats thrown in somewhere in the middle. Could this one be auto biographical? Spunk has managed to bag himself a stunner but, as I reckon he looks like Dave Navarro under that balaclava, I’m not in the least bit surprised! Cry Myself To Sleep another one about being dumped maybe a hybrid of The Buzzcocks’ Ever Fallen in Love meets Bay City Rollers Bye Bye Baby with a bit of added aggressive drumming!

‘What a surprise, you’ve got more than meets the eye’ is the opening line to Ladyboyz ‘Oh what a shock you’re just a girl with a cock’ and I can’t help wondering if this is another auto-biographical one? I have no idea but members of Dirt Box Disco have been known to wear a fetching skirt or dress, and after a few pints they could easily pass for Lily Savage or Conchita Wurst!

At worst you’re going to find this album offensive but if you like a bit of fun, light hearted entertainment. Poetry done (S)Punk style, with a few F’s here and there, then you’ll love it. Another great album from The Midlands answer to St Winifred’s School Choir! My highlight tracks are Guest List and Dirtbox Disco – which hopefully I’ll get to hear live on Sunday when I’m down at The Star and Garter Getting (Fucking) Wasted!

Track List: 

1. Guest list (explicit)
2. The Art Of Conversation (explicit)
3. Fat Twats And Scumbags (explicit)
4. Something In My Eye
5. I Don’t Wanna Know Your Name
6. Crushed
7. Dirtbox Disco
8. If You Want A Sexy Bird Join A Fuckin Band (explicit)
9. Please Dont Walk Away
10. Really Fast Car
11. Cry Myself To Sleep
12. Day After Tomorrow
13. Ladyboyz (explicit)
14. All Day Long

Band Members: 

WEAB.I.AM – !!!!
MAFF – tea & cake
FINGERS – more sex than the local porn shop
DEADBEATZ – cooler than you

(Their description on their Facebook page not mine! I won’t go into my sordid fantasies!)








At worst you're going to find this offensive but if you like a bit of fun, light hearted entertainment, poetry done (S)Punk style then you'll love it. Elements of Rancid, The Buzzcocks, Showaddywaddy yet another great album from The Midlands answer to St Winifred's School Choir!

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