DIENAMIC (Norway) Sign with Wormholedeath


Wormholedeath is proud to announce the signing of a worldwide distribution and marketing deal with Norwegian Death / Thrash Metal Band Dienamic.

Their album “Afterlife” will be distributed worldwide by Aural Music / The Orchard / Wormholedeath Japan.

Release dates will be annouced soon.


The band is ready to tour Japan with the following concerts:

Thursday 3rd September 2015 – Flying Son Sendai

Friday 4rd September 2015 – Tight Rope Nagoya

Saturday 5th September 2015 – Wild Side Tokyo

Sunday 6th September 2015 – Wild Side Tokyo


and Europe :

09.3 TBA

10.3 TBA

11.3.gustav pekarna – maribor -slovenia

13.3.Apollo 13-Prostojev / Cz.republic

14.4.Hell Over Eslingen

15.3.Exit us vhmelnice-Prague / Cz.republic

16.3.Poland – https://www.facebook.com/creativemusicba

17.3.Poland TBA

18.3.Poland TBA

19.3.Route 66 –Budapest / Hungary

20.3.Gjuro 2-Zagreb-Croatia

21.3.Kazaliste Lutaka-Zadar / Croatia

22.3.Blackout-Sibenik / Croatia

25.3.Cafe Art-Hadici / Bosnia

26.3.Bbcc-Lukava / Bosnia

27.3.Dkc incel-banja luka

28.3.Mk rolink fish-kotoriba / Croatia



A brand new music video has been released for the track “Revolution For Nothing” and can be streamed at the following location:


Music video is directed by Michael Ludvigsen from Neovision Production Tromsø.




About The Band:

Straight from the heart and right in your face! Dienamic exhibits their greatest strong points on the live scene, with unique contact with the audience and a great atmosphere making it easy to get carried away.  Dienamic was started by Stein-Odin Johannessen (guitar) and Gustav H. Lindquist (vocals) in 2009. Ever since their first live show with their very own music at a Tromsø youth club in 2010, their plan was clear – full throttle. This was the beginning of what turned out to result in a tour in Japan with international headliners only three years later. With ingenious bassist Bjørn-Håvar Skoglund and drummer Jørgen M. Olsen they started to reach the sky with great steps in their music career.


They were immensely active on Tromsø’s live scenes until 2012.

During this period, they recorded their first EP, self-titled ‘Dienamic’ in 2010. In January 2012, they finished withrecording of their debut album ‘Surfing The Apocalypse’ at GR Studios and Lydproduksjon, Tromsø. Things really started happening when the album was released in September 2012; Reviews with dice throws 5 and 6, nomination for ‘Best Album 2012’ at www.musikktrend.no, recognition from established bands from home and abroad.  One of the first highlights is publishing one of Dienamic songs on Terrorizer Magazine’s FearCandy CD forFebruary issue in 2013. During the summer of 2013, the band started to work on pre-production for the second album. Great reactions on Dienamic first album and an exclusive deal with Full Metal Service agency resulted with first ever tour outside Norway. Not more, not less than Japan together with Nightrage (SE), Psycroptic (AU) The Faceless (US) and Inarkadia (FR) on the beginning of


November 2013! Few months later Dienamic confirmed main stage slot on Underwall Festival in Croatia and Sepultura support show in Belgrade.

Second album ‘Afterlife’ was recorded in April 2014, mixed and mastered during summer 2014 and will be out early 2015. Preparing for the upcoming extensive touring, some lineup changes had to be made. Early October 2014 Sebastian Jacobsson, Kenneth Iversen Muotkajærvi and Eivind Kjær Killie took up the duties on drums, bass and guitar. At the same time the band secured a very good record deal with Worm Hole Death (IT). Early Metallica, Lamb of God, Foo Fighters, Pantera, Megadeth, Insense, Stonegard, Deep Purple and Motörhead are a few of the bands who have left a mark on Dienamic’s music. They will continue exploring the many aspects of metal music, but thrash metal will always be a major part of Dienamic music.

Probably the most northern international metal band ever, red-hot music with Nordic breath!



Gustav Harry Lindquist – Lead Vocals

Stein-Odin Johannessen – Guitar

Eivind Kjær Killie – Guitar

Kenneth Iversen Muotkajærvi – Bass

Sebastian Jacobsson – Drums



Dienamic - Afterlife
Dienamic – Afterlife

About The Album:


01. The Reaping

02. Innocent Gun

03. Revolution For Nothing

04. Where God Feeds

05. Dance With The Devil

06. You Still Walk

07. Generation Reboot

08. Overthrown

09. Afterlife

10. The End


Produced By Yngvar Mehus And Dienamic


Worm Stated: ” Dienamic is an hard working band and beside the fact that they play great music, we decided to support them for this reason. These guys know what they are doing and absolutely deserve professional support and guidance. Their album , the Japanese Tour, the Video and everything they are doing is the proof of how committed they are to their band and music. We must show the strongest respect to them since it is not easy to find such serious musicians. Check them out, you will not regret it!”


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