DEVIN TOWNSEND announces ‘Devolution Series #2 – Galactic Quarantine

Devin Townsend has announced the second release under his “Devolution Series” moniker, with the “Devolution Series #2 – Galactic Quarantine” album, which is set for release on 25th June (InsideOut)

As Devin announced earlier this year, he has been using the Covid downtime to work on new material for upcoming albums, and for a current lack of touring possibilities and encounters with fans on the road, he decided to do a series of live albums, quarantine albums, and generally interesting projects that keep people entertained while he’s busy on his next larger releases. The series is called the “Devolution Series”. 

Devin comments: 

“So we bring to you the ‘Devolution Series’: a grouping of oddities and interesting material that I would like people to hear, but don’t necessarily want to present as a ‘major release’.

The series will include all the quarantine songs and concerts, as well as various live shows from the past few years.

I’m am currently deep in the writing of my new projects and am very excited to be doing so. Thanks for facilitating my ability to do that, and I hope you enjoy the ‘Devolution Series’.”

The second release under the “Devolution Series” moniker will be the “Devolution Series #2 – Galactic Quarantine” album, scheduled for June 25th 2021. It was recorded in 2020 in various places around the world as a replacement show for the COVID affected “Empath Vol 2 European Tour” and cancelled Summer festivals. It originally aired on September 5th 2020 on

For a first impression of what to expect, here’s the video for Aftermath’. Enjoy! 

DEVIN TOWNSEND – Aftermath (Devolution Series #2 – Galactic Quarantine)

“Devolution Series #2 – Galactic Quarantine” will be available as Ltd. CD + Blu-ray Digipak, 180g Gatefold 2LP (incl. the album on CD) and as Digital Album. You can pre-order it here:


DEVIN TOWNSEND “Devolution Series #2 –

Galactic Quarantine” track listing:

1. Velvet Kevorkian (Virtually Live 2020) (02:28)

2. All Hail The New Flesh (Virtually Live 2020) (05:32)

3. By Your Command (Virtually Live 2020) (08:18)

4. Almost Again (Virtually Live 2020) (03:42)

5. Juular (Virtually Live 2020) (03:50)

6. March Of The Poozers (Virtually Live 2020) (05:25)

7. Supercrush! (Virtually Live 2020) (05:15)

8. Hyperdrive (Virtually Live 2020) (03:42)

9. Stormbending (Virtually Live 2020) (05:21)

10. Deadhead (Virtually Live 2020) (07:55)

11. Aftermath (Virtually Live 2020) (06:51,)

12. Love? (Virtually Live 2020) (05:21)

13. Spirits Will Collide (Virtually Live 2020) (04:35)

14. Kingdom (Virtually Live 2020)       (05:05)

15. Detox (Virtually Live 2020) (06:20)



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