DESTRUKTOR: Complete Work On New Album “Opprobrium”


Today, Australian black/death maniacs DESTRUKTOR have completed work on their second album, Opprobrium. Set to be released by HELLS HEADBANGERS later this summer, DESTRUKTOR’s Opprobrium follows five years after the band’s critically acclaimed debut album, Nailed, also released by HELLS HEADBANGERS. Amongst Australia’s fertile black/death metal scene, DESTRUKOR are widely hailed as one of the most diehard bands around, and are now reaching nearly two decades of self-described “extreme metal shenanigans.” And the power-trio is back to desecrate once again, with songs like “Prestiality” and “Immaculate Deception” spelling out DESTRUKTOR’s blasphemous aims in no uncertain terms: as founding vocalist/guitarist Glenn Destruktor aptly states, “It thrashes, deaths, blacks, and even dooms…”


Once again recorded at 3 Phase studios in Melbourne with Sam Johnstone, Opprobrium features the lineup of Glenn Destruktor, drummer Jahred, and Brad Ollis on bass. A statement from Glenn Destruktor further reads: “Finally, after many hours in the DESTRUKTOR dungeon, we return to unleash Opprobrium, our sophomore full-length. Seven blasphemous hymns have been conjured, and we are ready to desecrate the underground once again! Nailed set the standard – Opprobrium raises the bar! With Opprobrium, we show that we are not scared to try new ideas, but will never mistake creativity for wimping out! Half the album sounds like we could have written it 15 years ago; the other half keeps it interesting, adds darkness, ups the intensity, and kicks your head in even harder!”


A split 7″ with Throneum will be released shortly by HELLS HEADBANGERS, which will serve as a teaser for Opprobrium, and will feature a promo recording of “Besieged,” one of the seven songs set for release on Opprobrium. Cover and tracklisting to be announced shortly, along with official release date.




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