Destruction – Spiritual Genocide.

destruction spiritual genocideWhen it comes to snarling, intense thrash metal then German bands always rise to the challenge. Over the last 30yrs,  3 of the most influential are certainly Sodom, Kreator and Destruction and the latest studio album Spiritual Genocide  from Destruction shows they have no sign of mellowing out. Old fans will be blown away and new fans will wonder why they have only just discovered them. Spiritual Genocide, Destruction’s 12th studio album was released on November 23rd 2012 via Nuclear Blast Records  containing 11 tracks of classic German thrash metal by a band still on top of their game. After the brief majestic metal intro of Exordium, the fuse is lit by the piercing scream of Cyanide, a trademark 100mph Destruction gallop that shows vocalist/bassist Schmier at his lung busting best. Other highlights are the title track’s fast, fluid speed metal with tempos to break the speed limit to. City Of Doom is a headbang inducing chugger with zipping double tracked guitar solos.

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The time changes in No Signs Of Repentance seem almost telepathic with some ankle snapping kick drumming from Vaaver. To Dust You Will Decay is heavy but proto thrash metal, the vocal by Schmier delivered with a snarl. Album highlight for me is the anthemic Legacy Of The Past featuring backing vocals from Tankard’s Gerre and Tom Angelripper from Sodom. Slayeresque riffs rule the song with Schmier’s vocals quoting albums from other bands as well as Destruction. Examples are ” From sentence of death to hell awaits, for war and pain into the crypts of rays ” and ” Feed the fire of British steel, show no mercy, kill em all, whats the deal? Not afraid of ignorance in a life without sense “.

Carnivore, the 1st single lifted off Spiritual Genocide takes the foot off the pedal with some grinding Morbid Angel type down tuned riffing. Riot Squad is musically like the old Destruction instrumental Thrash Attack from the 1985 album Infernal Overkill but with Schmier providing more bilious vocals. Destruction have saved the heaviest track on the album till last. Under Violent Sledge is a breathtaking  4 minutes of an unrelenting barrage of drums and punishing riffs. A fitting end to a flawless album!

Destruction band line up :-

Schmier – Bass/vocals.

Mike – Guitar.

Vaaver – Drums.

Spiritual Genocide track listing :-



Spiritual Genocide.


City Of Doom.

No Signs Of Repentance.

To Dust You Will Decay.

Legacy Of The Past.


Riot Squad.

Under Violent Sledge.

I award Spiritual Genocide 10/10!

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