Demented – Across The Nature’s Stillness

Demented-Jacket-album-2012Demented are a French death metal band formed in 2008.  Across The Nature’s Stillness is their 2nd album.

The album starts with a quiet intro called ‘ The Ritual’. It’s a good intro for the album which makes an atmosphere of suspense.

The following song ‘Shaman’ starts with a great growl and has also good riffs. ‘On the Edge’ and ‘Reviving Fire’ have the same riffs at the beginning and both songs sound very similar, but there’s one difference: ‘Reviving Fire’ is a little bit faster than ‘On the edge’.  ‘Spirits’ and ‘Light from the Stars’ also sound similar. All these songs I mentioned I think are old school death metal.

But ‘ Psycho Pomp’, ‘Sign if Creation’ and ‘Breathing Forest’ are more melodic death metal, with a melodic and quiet start and a fast increase.

Ineffable Mysticism is a quiet song with a little bit singing of a female singer and a scream; it’s a song which doesn’t really make sense.

‘The Ceremony’, Listen to the Silence reminds me on good old school death metal again.

‘Crossing The Land’s Enlightenment’ is like ‘The Ritual’, it’s quiet and also melodically without any singing.  From beginning to the end the song gets more and more quiet.


The singing of Nessim sounds very well in all songs. A death metal vocalist who knows what he does.

In my point of view the entire Album is only an average death metal album, that’s why:




01 – The Ritual

02 – Shaman

03 – On The Edge

04 – Spirits

05 – Psycho Pomp

06 – Sign Of Creation

07 – Ineffable Mysticism

08 – The Ceremony

09 – Reviving Fire

10 – Light From The Stars

11 – Listen To The Silence

12 – Breathing Forest

13 – Crossing The Land’s Enlightenment


Nessim – Vocals

Michaël – Guitar

Thomas – Guitar

Manu – Bass

John – Drums

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