Def-Con-One – Def Con One CD review

If you ever wanted to know what a nuclear bomb sounds like when it tears an entire city to bits, then look no further than the new EP by Def-Con-One. Based on the theme of warfare, this self titled EP from London’s finest metal heads will not only blow your mind, but also your ear drums – combining heavily distorted guitar lines, rough vocals and blasting drums to create a mega monster of a metal record. This EP is just a taste of Def-Con-One’s rather outstanding sound, but believe me when I say this; this EP will have you begging for a full album. Prepare for a heavy metal war, for this album is about to knock you down like a panzer tank running over a granny at 500mph!

From start to finish of the EP, the aggression never ceases. It keeps powering forward, ploughing viciously and violently through each note, hammering into the listener’s ear drums with full force. It’s hard to find a band that opt for the all out brutal approach, but Def-Con-One pull it off perfectly, delivering a beautiful bombardment of heavy metal mayhem. From the ground pounding opening of ‘Warface’, to the infectious groove of ‘Weapons of War’, Def-Con-One, put all they have into every note of this EP, making it not only as heavy as a jumbo jet, but also catchy and memorable to.

You can’t help but head bang like a mad man the moment this album kicks in. It’s an album which you can’t help but get in the groove to, and when the Pantera-ish fist in the air chants of ‘Blood’ and ‘March of the Dead’ kick in, you are obliged to scream along with singer Davey in time to the 4/4 beat laden groove of the music hammering through your speakers. This is an album written with the mosh pit in mind, and when Def-Con-One finally embark on a full UK tour, shit will go down when the track ‘Caving In’ kicks in. In fact, if you haven’t had a mosh pit in your own living room to it yet, I would be surprised.

Although the EP may only come in a cardboard wallet, the artwork is bloody brilliant. Although it looks pretty basic, the whole nuclear waste sign tattooed skull with the three pronged gas mask, looks brilliant. It goes excellent with the war concept of the EP and its morbid simplicity really makes the EP stand out that another covers of albums on sale at the moment.

Words cannot describe how amazing this EP is. It’s a case of you need to go out and buy it yourself to fully understand and appreciate it. With five powerfully brutal tracks, Def-Con-One have shown the world why they are the future of metal, and why they are not only here to play metal, but to start a war in your ear drums, and blow them to pieces too! [9/10]

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