Deep sleep operator – While the earth sleeps

Wisconsin band Deep Sleep Operator play Sci-Fi themed hard rock. This, their debut album has recently been released.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this album – the press release plays up the sci-fi angle, but other than a mention of hard rock there was little to tell me what to expect musically.  After a listen to the album I can tell you that it’s really good hard rock with vocals that remind me of ‘Brutal Planet’ era Alice Cooper.

There’s plenty of power from the guitars, the Alice Cooper style vocals are great, and the songs just sound fantastic.  The sci-fi element is there in the lyrics and also in intro/outro pieces for some of the songs.

It’s hard to pick a single track for praise – the whole album is so good with no weak tracks.  I definitely recommend giving this album a listen, and I’m certainly hoping it won’t be too long till they release a second album.

Rating: 9/10

Track listing:

1. Breaking the earth
2. Feed them dirt
3. Spiritual warfare
4. Teacher of the black arts
5. Hyper division
6. They’ve entered my mind
7. Tempo of a frozen heart
8. Nebula Nightsky island
9. Temple of massimo
10. Plant it deep
11. Don’t take a knife to a gunfight
12. Rise with me
13. Population zero

Deep sleep operator are:

Matt Severson – Drums
Andy Nelson – Bass
John Anderson – Guitar
Mark Ehlers – Guitar/Vocals

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