Death Tyrant – Opus De Tyranis

Death Tyrant emerged from the ashes of Swedish underground supremos Lord Belial when the latter broke up in 2010 – although, in one of those typically murky storylines which epitomizes the Scandinavian scene, they’ve apparently been re-activated on at least two occasions – and this debut album has been the subequent three years in the making (perhaps due to guitarist Thomas Backelin constantly revisiting his former project?).

‘Opus De Tyranis’ has certainly been worth the wait, as it is 45 minutes of brutal, intense blackened metal, eloquently and thoughtfully delivered.  Vocalist Daniel Bornstrand is particularly impressive, while the rhythm section of drummer Joakim Antonsson and bassist Anders Backelin (maintaining the family link with Lord Belial) are rock solid, constructing titanic walls of blastbeats coupled with jungle dense harmonics, allowing guitarists Dennis Antonsson and Thomas Backelin to weave their melodic soundscapes across this concrete backdrop.

An impressive debut, which combines sheer in-your-face intensity, such as on ‘Pandemonium’ and ‘A Greater Alliance’, with some epic touches, such as on the brilliant ‘Impending Day Of Wrath’.

Death Tyrant - Opus De Tyranis ArtworkTrack list:

1. The Awakening Of Sleeping Gods

2. Pandemonioum

3. Ixion – The Fallen Kings Of The Lapiths

4. Bephomet

5. The End

6. Impending Day Of Wrath

7. Tenebrae

8. A Greater Alliance

9. Wrath And Disgust

‘Opus De Tyranis’ is out now on Non Serviam Records.

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