Death Of A Salesman – Vutures, new mini E.P.

Belfast five piece, Death of a Salesman, have recently released a mini E.P entitled, Vultures. Death of a Salesman have carved a niche right in the centre of the Dublin scene (as well as many other places I’m sure) making them a household name and acquiring a significant fan base. Being that these guys are a great band to see live, it was great to hear their energy translate in Vultures.

The first of two tracks, Rothschild, gives off instant raw energy and strength. There are hints of hardcore and punk in some parts of this track giving it an extra edge. At times the vocals sound a bit separated or disconnected from everything else, however, there are no real complaints to be made about the vocals themselves. At the four minute mark we get a flash of the melodic juxtaposed with their more robust guitar work.

The second track, The God Who Wasn’t There, builds up to an incredible aggression; that will definitely give all listeners great fortitude  –  I can’t wait to see this played live and see how the crowd reacts because it’s a serious track. Not only is it easy to relate to, it is also really well constructed – they have those merciless riffs backed up with enlivening drum hits and then everything slows down to make an impact and then BAM! It’s back to kickin’ ass and taking names, everything comes full circle.

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If you’re in Dublin 13th April, come see Death of a Salesman LIVE!:

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