DEADLY CIRCUS FIRE in race for Pledge Funds + new video released

DeadlyCircusFirePledge-600x413UK progressive metallers DEADLY CIRCUS FIRE need to raise £10,000 to pay for the recording, mix, mastering and more. The Pledge campaign runs for another 21 days, and they need to raise still £2000. No money will be collected unless the full amount is promised by fans.

If DEADLY CIRCUS FIRE hit the target, 10% of any money they rise after that, will be donated to Teenage Cancer Trust.

Guitarist Save Addario tells: “It’s all or nothing and time is running out. If we make it, the album will be released to pledgers around November 24. The public released has been scheduled for early 2015.

And if we exceed the target, 10% of any money after that will be donated to the Teenage Cancer Trust. So you can help make our second album a reality – and help a very worthy cause at the same time.”DEADLY CIRCUS FIRE  PledgeCampaign-600x376

Pledge points start at £8 and include signed CDs, DJ sets, VIP tickets and other items. Find out more here:

DEADLY CIRCUS FIRE’ follow up to acclaimed debut album “The King And The Bishop” has been recorded and it’s in the process of being mixed and the band released a brand new video “House Of Plagues”.

The video can be seen below.


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