The Dead Daisies – Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton – 26/07/2016

There’s something exciting about a sold out gig, you know in advance the atmosphere is going to be good and Slade Rooms tonight was no exception. When Inglorious came on stage the venue was already hot, sweaty and full to the back. Evident from the number of band t-shirts coming through the doors, Inglorious have a big following in this part of the country, which undoubtedly helped ticket sales. The already converted lapped up their music and new fans were undoubtedly made.

Nathan James proved himself every bit the charismatic, engaging front man he is, belting out notes long lost to

Inglorious – Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton – 26/07/2016

Whitesnake‘s Dave Coverdale. Inglorious have a fairly stable set list and I’m sure they are really keen to get into the studio to be able to play new material.

Interspersed with a little happy birthday sung to Nathan in English and Swedish, Inglorious proved why they are Planet Rock favourites with belters like ‘Bleed for You’, that oozed controlled musicianship complimenting Nathan’s vocals brilliantly with an great little guitar solo for good measure.

I personally feel that ‘Girl Got A Gun’ is not the best Inglorious song for closing their set with, I’d like to see them close with ‘Warning’ for example, but they will have their reasons of that I’m sure. ‘Unaware’ however, is a fantastic live song with its solid chords, vocal harmonies, beastly guitar solo and ascending vocal chorus it cascaded out the doors of the Slade Rooms; if audience members and Wolverhampton were unaware of Inglorious before tonight, they certainly are not now. The best song of the set for sure and a blinding way to open the gig.

Inglorious set list: Until I Die, Breakaway, I Surrender, High Flying Gypsy, Bleed for You, Warning, Holy Water, Lay Down Stay Down, Unaware, Girl Got A Gun


It is impossible to overlook the experience, style and calibre of The Dead Daisies from the moment they enter the stage and start playing groove ridden ‘Midnight Moses’.

New single ‘Make Some Noise’ is a brilliant 80’s influenced rock anthem, with all the essential elements from a solid fist pumping beat, to a hand clapping, vocal chanting chorus and the sold out crowd at Slade Rooms did exactly as they were told singing it right back at them. ‘Long Way To Go’ also off the forthcoming album ‘Make Some Noise’ released on 5th August, was next up and at that point in their 17 song set list there still was, but you knew it would be over all too quickly.

The Dead Daisies – Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton – 26/07/2016

A cover of Free’s ‘All Right Now’ was a great inclusion into the set to which the audience sang at the top of their voices as they sank their alcoholic beverages. ‘Join Together’ from their forthcoming release was also played, it looks set to be a special album if the songs played are anything to go by, with some quality, timeless song writing. ‘With You and I’ is a talkbox infused stadium filler of a song that has newest band member Doug Aldrich showing us what he’s made of (as if we didn’t already know). The main set was rounded off with a cover of The Beatles’ ‘Helter Skelter’, before they returned to the stage for an encore of ‘All the Same’ and ‘Rush’.

The Dead Daisies are a genuinely entertaining live band, their experience allows them to be relaxed on stage, to take the evening as it comes, to wish IngloriousNathan James a happy birthday (although he’s absent from the room at the opportune moment), to interact with the fans a mere couple of metres away from them, leaving us with the overriding feeling that The Dead Daisies are simply loving returning to their individual roots and playing small venues like The Slade Rooms. Roll on their return to The Midlands in the autumn.

Dead Daisies set list: Midnight Moses, Evil, Make Some Noise, Long Way to Go, All Right Now, Song and a Prayer, Something I Said, Join Together, Lock n Load, Drum Solo, Fortunate Son, Last Time I Saw the Sun, With You and I, Angel, Mainline, Helter Skelter; Encore: All the Same, Rush

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