Dead City Ruins – Midnight Killer CD

Dead City Ruins, a five piece band from Australia, are about to unleash their devastatingly effective new album Midnight Killer onto an unsuspecting world. Scheduled for release via their self-funded label on 23rd July, the release follows on the heels of their recent 50-plus date tour that saw them pound the stage in eleven different countries.

Formed in London in 2007 the band said their aim was to “play as many shows and flea pits as humanly possible” in support of their debut EP Lost In London which earned them a strong underground following. In 2010 the band decided a new approach was needed and ultimately returned to Australia, settling on their current line up, which has only served to strengthen the band and sees them gearing up to support such metal giants as Mastodon among others this coming year.

The album opens with the blisteringly hot Where You Gonna Run, a five minute guitar driven piece that breaks in the middle to a haunting acoustic section before returning to power with a series of superb guitar solos, with Jake’s vocals reminiscent of early Ozzy in their powerful delivery.

“Damn My Eyes” follows with some stunning bass work that sets the tone for a straight in your face rock song that, if it doesn’t get your feet tapping, then you had better check your pulse.

Next up is My Lai Massacre” which slowly fades in with some down tuned guitars. It’s a fast paced rocker reminiscent of early Testament, but with its own unique sound. It carries the pace and tone of the album well into “Midnight Killer”. The title track kicks off well and is another strong rocker that will keep you on your feet and serves to remind us why Rock will never die! The bass and drum combo early on gives Jake a chance to hit hard with some moody and kicking vocals.

Next up is Blues” which slows the pace down with some brilliantly haunting and melancholic guitar work allowing for some catching of the breath after the first four hard rocking tunes. As the title promises, this track has a strong blues influence on it making it one of the best tracks of the album.

Go To War makes sure the listener is not getting too relaxed after the chill-out factor of Blues and launches into another heavier piece. More of a straight back to basics Rock piece. Killer licks and a memorable chorus.

The arrival of Highway Girl means its time for some funky drumming with some effective cow-bell use that will definitely pull you in deep. Some blistering guitar solos again heighten this track and the climbing vocals bring it together superbly.

Taking us out is the magnificent Fallen”. Some heavy distortion, a killer bass line and great guitar work kick the tune off and it serves as a great ending to an album that will leave you wanting more.

Overall the album production is first rate and basically flawless. The sound and tone serve the subject matter well and make for an enjoyable musical experience.

Midnight Killer will be released on 23rd July through Impedance Records

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by Andy Wilson for 

Band Members
Tommy Teabag – GUITAR
Jake Wiffen – VOCALS
Drewsy – DRUMS
Mick Quee – BASS
Sean Blanchard – GUITAR

Track Listing
1. Where You Gonna Run
2. Damn My Eyes
3. My Lai Massacre
4. Midnight Killer
5. Blues
6. Go To War
7. Highway Girl
8. Fallen


Review written by Andy Wilson

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