Darkyra Black – Dragon Tears

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Darkyra Black

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On 13 February 2014
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A real breath of Gothic fresh air, never a dull moment throughout, an absolute must.


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As big a fan and follower of Female Fronted Metal as I am, there is now, undoubtedly, a fair number of ‘same old, same old’ bands cluttering the genre. Therefore, I had been looking forward with great anticipation to get the chance to listen to this debut album from the Australia based singer/songwriter, Darkyra Black. The only previous track I had come across was the digital release single ’Tears By Candlelight’, which surfaced last August, a track that certainly fueled my desire for more.

The album revolves around a Gothic tinged tale of the loves and losses of a Geisha girl, a concept that works well, the album does not become bogged down and overly conceptual but instead, provokes and cajoles the listener towards understanding and absorbing the underlying tale.

Darkyra’s voice and vocal delivery is really excellent. A varied and eclectic mix of styles that build and grow in strength as the album evolves. Opening track “Madoka’s Lament”, with its intro of chiming bells, babbling brooks and piano is a highly evocative composition to start things off with, leading into a beautiful, delicate vocal that builds, along with the guitar sound, to become something quite captivating and ethereal. “Eyes Wide Shut”, is another stunning song worthy of particular mention, a much more stripped down affair to begin with but again building to a soaring crescendo, culminating in a mind bogglingly good guitar solo courtesy of Paul Jupe.

The main thing that hit me with “Dragon Tears” as an album, and I guess potentially its main selling point, is the fact that it has that ’different ’ feel down to a tee, at no point through the album did I lose interest or find myself drifting away. Listen to tracks such as “Slither” for example, to get a feel of how well crafted this project is, a wonderful mix of all things Gothic and Symphonic, all held beautifully together with that vital ingredient called melody, indeed, it is this track more than any other that stands out for me personally but that is just like picking a diamond from a sea of gems, as the rest of the songs available are just as good in their own right.


The production is incredibly slick and accomplished, a credit to George Boussounis, who also weighs in with keyboards and arrangements on some of the tracks as well.

To sum up things, this has been an absolute joy to listen to, a memorable journey through a veritable forest of emotion, spoken word, and fine musicianship. An album to break the mould of the Gothic/Symphonic genre.

Track Listing ;

1. Madoka’s Lament
2. Lullaby Of Death
3. Eyes Wide Shut
4. Japanese Frankenstein
5. Slither
6. Before I Wither
7. Cold Cold Stone
8. Never Know
9. Tears By Candlelight
10. Kiss Of The Dragon
11. Dragon Tears
12. Dragon Tears Story

Darkyra Black is ;DarkyraBlackBand

Darkyra Black – Vocals
Garry King – Drums
Paul Jupe – Guitar
Fabinho Jablonski – Keyboards
Betovani Dinelli – Rhythm Guitar
Colin Haynes – Bass

‘Dragon Tears’ is released through Darkyra Black/ Rock N Growl Promotions on the 20th of February.




A real breath of Gothic fresh air, never a dull moment throughout, an absolute must.

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