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On 29 August 2014
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Washington DC metallers Darkest Hour return with their eight record.

dkhourIf festival slots were awarded on the basis of commitment to the cause, Darkest Hour would have been headliners for years. As it is, they’re fast approaching 20 years as a band having slipped under a lot of people’s radars. That might be about to change, however. Released at the beginning of this month, their new self-titled album is the first to see the light of day on Sumerian Records and the first produced by Taylor Larsen. In addition to this, it is the first record to showcase the talents of bassist Aaron Deal and drummer Travis Orbin, who joined the band in 2012 and 2013 respectively.

The album sees Darkest Hour take a more melodic approach to their music, something that may well ruffle the feathers of fans that have been with them since their humble beginnings in 1995. Thankfully, they haven’t embraced it so much that the end result is watered down and fairly wishy-washy; it still packs enough punch to break your nose and cheek in one movement. Rapture in Exile will incite circle pits with complete ease whilst other highlights include opener Wasteland and the Bullet for My Valentine-tinged anthem Infinite Eyes. All the while, John Henry’s hrsh, gravely vocals combine beautifully with the fretwork of Mike Carrigan and Mike Schleibaum. And the new boys? Just as impressive in making sure the album stays brutal.

There are a couple of pitfalls, namely the acoustic led By the Starlight which could have been taken away altogether, but by and large Darkest Hour have come away with a very solid album that should see them win over a large number of punters come December when they travel to our shores as opening band for the mighty Machine Head.

Band Lineup

John Henry – vocals
Mike ‘Lonestar’ Carrigan – guitar
Mike Schleibaum – guitar
Aaron Deal – bass
Travis Orbin – drums

Track Listing

Rapture in Exile
The Misery We Make
Infinite Eyes
The Great Oppressor
By the Starlight
Lost for Life
The Goddess Figure
Beneath the Blackening Sky
Hypatia Rising



Washington DC metallers Darkest Hour return with their eight record.

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