Dark At Dawn – “Noneternal”

Dark-at-Dawn-Noneternal-Cover-ArtworkGerman Heavy Metal Band Dark At Dawn founded in 1993 with three albums, tours and shows on the most popular Metal-Festivals (Wacken, Summer Breeze and Wave Gotik Treffen) followed. In 2007 the band decided to split due to various factors line up changes, jobs. Five years later, they are back with their new EP called “Noneternal” that was releases in October last year to tempt their fans before they release their new album scheduled for later this year.

This EP starts with a Western folk style flute intro, which gains momentum into a galloping highly melodic and powerful guitar laden track. ‘Coming Home’. Then we are treated with a arabesque intro before heading into the heavy guitar laden sounds and gruff vocals of ‘Arabian Fights’

‘Firedrunk’ is a catchy beer swilling, foot stomping track which leads us into the final offering ‘Taking My Time’ which is in similar style featuring all the hallmarks if the band.

This four track EP is a great way to come back and show what they are aiming for. Featuring classic Dark At Dawn style with a more up to date twist while still featuring the characteristic rough voice of Thorsten “Buddy” Kohlrausch. I’m looking forward to their new album coming out.

Rating – 8/10


1. Coming Home

2. Arabian Fights

3. Firedrunk

4. Taking My Time



Thorsten “Buddy“ Kohlrausch – Vocals

Florian Schröder – Gitarre

Matthias Majkowski – Gitarre

Torsten Sauerbrey – Drums

Michael Lowin – Bass





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