DANIELE LIVERANI – “Eleven Mysteries” cd review.

Italy’s Daniele Liverani delivers an absolute belter of a solo record, with guitar work of the highest order. Although to be fair this isn’t strictly a solo album as it features some fine musicians brought together by Daniele’s vision of creating a record that stimulates the listeners senses to the maximum.
I’m reminded of vintage Steve Vai and even Frank Marino And Mahogany Rush in places, as the album dips and dives through a plethora of musical styles and tempos all linked by a lead guitar that almost takes on the role of a vocalist in certain sections. Oozing emotion and conceptual bliss this really is an album to please even the most discerning of guitar fans, the track ‘Supreme Gladness’ being a prime example, a beautifully balanced duet between piano and guitar that is truly uplifting and inspirational.
Instrumental releases can sometimes feel a tad laboured and overworked but Daniele has been masterful in the way the album binds and blends, throwing the occasional spoken word into the mix at various points to enhance what in certain places borders on a cinematic feel as demonstrated on the wonderful ‘Humiliation’.
All in all, this album represents a triumph, not only in the way it is performed but also in the way it has been conceived and delivered into a world sadly lacking in high quality instrumental work. Highly recommended.

Rating 8.5/10.

Track Listing.
1. Mysterious Impulse.
2. Inspiration.
3. Nervous Forces.
4. Supreme Gladness.
5. All Is Pure.
6. Giving.
7. Humiliation.
8. Regeneration.
9. Freedom.
10. Survive.
11. Eternal.

Daniele Liverani was assisted by;
Daniele Liverani – Guitars.
Marco Zago – Keyboards.
Tony Dickinson – Bass.
Paco Barilla – Drums.

Out now via Lion Music.





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