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Dana Fuchs

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On 7 May 2018
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A superb album - soulful blues from one of the best vocalists around

New York blues-rock singer Dana Fuchs releases her fourth album on 18th May. In the last few years she’s seen the death of three close family members, the birth of her first child, and has moved away from New York.
“It’s a new beginning for me in every way, as I have started my own label and left New York to go to the root of the music that inspired me to follow my passion,” she explains. “The Southern soul of Stax/Volt, Hi Records and Sun Studios.
From Otis Redding to Al Green to Johnny Cash. All huge influences.”
With so much going on including the family deaths then she’s certainly not short of inspiration for songwriting – after all, the Blues is traditionally inspired by hard times.

Dana and her long time songwriting partner, session guitarist Jon Diamond, have been joined by new songwriting partners including Scott Sharrard (Gregg Allman), and between them they’ve come up with a fantastic album. Even more impressive is that fact it was recorded in just 11 days. The studio band includes original Hi Records organist Charles Hodges, Stax titan Steve Potts on drums, keys ace Glenn Patscha and bassist Jack Daley.

Dana’s vocals are as always, absolutely beautiful – very soulful, carrying lots of emotion and with plenty of power when the song calls for it. She’s certainly one of the best blues/soul singers around at the moment.

The album kicks off with “Backstreet baby”. Nice guitar work and a horn section help give the song a great sound, but as always it’s those vocals that steal the limelight. It’s a song that has a bit of everything – rock, blues, soul, funk – all mixed together perfectly.

From there the album goes from one great song to another – not a single weak track in sight. I couldn’t even pick my favourite track as the choice is so hard.

The album ends with “Ring of fire” – a cover of the Johnny Cash classic. Covering such an iconic song is always risky – people know and love the original and a cover will usually be compared to the original in minute detail. I’ve heard some awful covers of this song, but this is not one of them. Dana Fuchs hasn’t tried to do a straight copy but instead has rearranged it to make it her own, and she’s done a remarkable job. It’s been slowed down and given a new more soulful feel and the results are fantastic – Dan Fuchs has taken an iconic song, changed it and come up with a cover that more than does justice to the original.

“Love lives on” will be released on 18th May 2018

Track listing:

1. Backstreet baby
2. Ain’t nobody’s fault but mine
3. Callin’ angels
4. Sittin’ on
5. Love lives on
6. Sad solution
7. Faithful sinner
8. Sedative
9. Ready to rise
10. Fight my way
11. Battle lines
12. Same sunlight
13. Ring of fire

A superb album - soulful blues from one of the best vocalists around

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