Dan Reed – ‘Signal Fire’

Dan Reed Signal Fire AlbumReleased on 18 February, ‘Signal Fire’ is the latest album offering from Dan Reed.  This is beyond a doubt a feel good album, by which I mean no matter what mood you are in, what you may be going through or what type of music you are into, there is a song on this album that will make you feel good.

Straight into the title track of the album and immediately this is a foot tapper of an offering.  It is very easy to listen to and I suspect will be widely accepted across genres as it allows you to fall right into it.  There’s no difficulties to it, or feeling of ‘earning’ a smooth listen. In fact, listen to ‘Signal Fire’ and close your eyes and you’d think you were hearing the soundtrack for the pinnacle moment of a top British film. Think ‘Run Fat Boy Run’ but without the shorts; this song has the hopeful, feel good sound to it that would easily have our hero running (literally) to change his fate for the better.  This, happily continues to the next track with ‘All I need is You’.

Now lets get this out of the way now – this is not a metal album, but don’t you dare dismiss it out of hand. It’s a very well created and thought out album.  An admitted newbie to Dan Reed, I was blown away by this album and yes, even surprised about that. I hadn’t thought what to expect, just pressed play and hmm, this is softer than I expected….but within about 20 seconds you know what, I didn’t care – I was completely immersed into the songs.  If I had to choose three words to describe this album it would have to be uplifting, inspiring and relaxing.

As you may be expecting by now, the whole album has a soft feel to it. Having said that it’s not full of slow songs, as many are actually fast flowing; just with a softer tone. There’s good use of acoustic guitars and percussion, and some well placed (but not over used) electronics. The vocals are even, flow well and are a bit reminiscent of REM.

One of my favourite songs on the album is ‘Only Love’ which is one of the slower songs. It’s simple and straight forward and has some beautiful lyrics (‘free the song bird from her cage’ and ‘only one thing will pull the dagger from your heart’ to name but two). I could listen to this song over and over again.

My other favourite is ‘Soul Warrior’, which reminds you of Green Day’s ‘Time of your life’ for it’s stripped back, acoustic simplicity. Listening to it you want to pick up your guitar and give it a go…and I would, if I wasn’t afraid of ruining it with my feeble attempts.

There’s something very soothing and uplifting about this album. It remind me of some of the better times, literally streaming images into my mind of all the times when you feel, for want of a better phrase, content and happy with your lot in life. For me personally I see my friends; that weird and wonderful bunch of reprobates and alcoholics. That may sound a bit vomit inducing but oddly enough, that’s where I’m content.

So get comfy on your sofa, grab yourself a beer and have a listen…and tell me what you see.


Score: 9/10


Track listing:

  1. Signal Fire
  2. All I Need is You
  3. Only Love
  4. Sing to Me
  5. End of the World
  6. Last Leaf
  7. Avalanche
  8. Slow Down
  9. Beloved
  10. All Night
  11. Indestructible
  12. Sould Warrior
  13. Drive On


Dan Reed will be touring the UK with with following dates in March 2013.

Tuesday 5th – O2 Academy2, Oxford
Wednesday 6th – Corporation, Sheffield
Friday 8th – O2 Academy2, Birmingham
Saturday 9th – Academy3, Manchester
Sunday 10th – ABC 2, Glasgow
Tuesday 12th – O2 Academy2, Newcastle
Wednesday 13th – O2 Academy2, Liverpool
Thursday 14th – Rock City Basement, Newcastle
Friday 15th – O2 Academy, Islington

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