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On 30 October 2018
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"Origins" is a fantastic album - highly recommended for all Dan Reed Network fans.

With a UK tour planed for November, Dan Reed Network fans are in for a great month – not only are the band on tour, but the new album, Origins gets released.

For the recording of the album the band took an unusual approach – they didnt shut themselves away to write and record – instead they threw open the doors of the recording studios (yes plural – they used several studios). With sessions in studios in the UK, USA and Sweden, they got fans to come along to the recording sessions and be part of things. For fans it was a unique chance to see a process of a band recording songs.
It’s an unusual thing for a band to do but Dan Reed is someone who loves to connect with the fans, and to also try something new. Additionally, Dan Reed Network are a band that really thrives on the feedback they get from the audience at a gig, and as the crowd gets more excited it drives the band to excel, so drawing on some of that for the studio recordings seems like a great idea.
So it’s a studio album that’s also a semi-live album.

The album kicks off with the first single to be taken from the album – the fantastic “Fade to light”, and the live studio approach can be seen in the video..

After hearing the single I was really looking forward to the album. The album features some new songs and also some older songs that have been reinvented to give them a new sound.

Messing with classics is something that can easily upset the fans, so for Dan Reed Network to redo songs such as “Rainbow child” is a brave move, but they’ve done a superb job, and I absolutely love the new version of “Rainbow child” – and dare I say it, I actually prefer it to the original.

As always there’s plenty of funk, and there’s plenty of soul too. It’s not a particularly heavy album but it’s packed full of beautiful well written songs that are simply a joy to listen to. The vocals are sublime and the songs are just so well written that they stand up to repeated listening and always seem to throw up an extra little detail you missed the previous time.

“Origins” is a fantastic album – highly recommended for all Dan Reed Network fans.

“Origins” will be released on 23rd November 2018

Track listing:

1. Fade to light
2. Right in front of me
3. Shameless
4. One last time
5. Ritual
6. Forgot to make her mine
7. Let it go
8. Rainbow child

"Origins" is a fantastic album - highly recommended for all Dan Reed Network fans.

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