Damn Dice-The Great Unknown

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Damn Dice
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On 5 September 2015
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Watch out! London's newest Underground Metal Band are coming to BANG YOUR HEAD!!!

Damn Dice are an Underground Metal quartet who’ve been slowly gaining fans at every gig they’ve played so far, The Great Unknown is the band’s debut and racks up 12 tracks in total, The album opener “Power” certainly sums up what the group has over their competitors! The second song “What now?” has a heavy-metal ballad type feel to it’s vibe opening up with a thumping drum and bass intro and smashing guitar work topped with a catchy chorus and addictive verses, “Driven” features a throbbing heavy metal approach to the album and a melodic set of vocals which can be described as Justin Hawkins’s vocals meets a 1989 Pantera styled track as does the follower “Down” even though this is set in more of a 80’s Thrash-Metal feel, Spouting uplifting and inspiring lyrics, Dawning a Mötley Crüe- ish solo which doesn’t seem to let up on throwing the soon-to-be-undisputed melodic instrumental power in which the band has come to manifest! The 5th track on this already incredible-sounding album is entitled “The Way To Go” which, In- spite of what others may think, Seems to be an un-realised tribute to an Early Iron Maiden-esque “The Number Of The Beast” period brought into the 21st Century, “Caught In The Ride” seems to be a complete Beast all of it’s own, Throwing a high- paced, electric fire that burns for nearly 4 1/2 minutes!

“Words” is perhaps a signature song to describe this London-Based band, Almost perfect sounding harmonies, Catchy hooks and choruses and a feeling of heavy Rock and Roll mayhem blended with a euphoric feeling and curiosity to carry on listening to the record as “Bang Your Head” dictates how you’ll move to this new groove, Slamming down with powerful drum and bass rhythms and one of classic

metal’s guitar riffs smothered in a glam metal-ish vocal approach which entertains you in an oddly blended way
“No Fear” starts off with a rumbling car motor and finishes the few second intro with Police Sirens which sets the adrenaline pumping and the horns up high in the air, Personally I’ve not seen this band play live but I can take a wild guess at the fact this tune is the one many will party hard too and I can see this becoming a future Rock Radio hit and it deservedly should be!

The first 9 seconds of the next track “Take The Fight” visualises and sets the scene with a heavy rain filled scene in which a poor fellow metalhead is caught in it and shortly out of breath is metaphorically drawn into what seems to be a sleaze driven anthem built and constructed for the stereotypical masses while inspiring those who feel a growing teenage angst to take on the world and make a mark for themselves, The Second to last closer “Rock (Like You Mean It)” appears to be the heaviest sounding track on this delicious slice of musical talent, This is a song that will definitely divide the real and true metalheads from the newcomers or “more Alternative” audiences, The Three minute 40 second behemoth might conjure up a heavily packed gig in a sweaty, Hot venue in your mind but this doesn’t seem to let up and despite being the 11th out of 12 tracks, This could make you believe it might power through another 3 or 4 tracks but though the past 11 tracks have had a melodic, heavy, groove packed approach, Things get turned down to an almost acoustic level with the curtain closer “Home”, The longest track so far reaching an impressive Five minutes, twenty-two seconds in total, Proving that no matter what album you pick up, You can always be assured of a slow, Anthemic finisher which isn’t that far off becoming a Metal lullaby for your little RN’R/Metal tike to sleep too!

Overall, Personally, This album isn’t like any other album delivered from an unsigned band, Especially in this day and age but this, Is definitely worth a listen or two and absolutely your money’s worth, There isn’t a single dull moment and there’s a new, Original, New-Wave approach felt here and I’d absolutely love to see them perform near me and I’d highly recommend checking out these guys and the 3 official and entertaining music videos they have out already (Along with album/EP teasers and making of’s), Found on their Youtube page; https://www.youtube.com/user/DamnDice/featured



01. Power
02. What Now?
03. Driven
04. Down
05. The Way To Go
06. Caught In The Ride
07. Words
08. Bang Your Head
09. No Fear
10. Take The Fight
11. Rock (Like You Mean It) 12. Home

Damn Dice Are;

Vocals; Alex
Lead Guitar; Wallis
Rhythm Guitar;
Diego Bass; Marco
Drums; Fransoa
Facebook; https://www.facebook.com/damndice

Review by Adam Charnock

Watch out! London's newest Underground Metal Band are coming to BANG YOUR HEAD!!!

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