D-A-D – Islington academy, London – 27th April 2016

I’d been looking forward to tonight’s gig as it was my first time seeing Danish band D-A-D – or to give them the name they had before the Disney  lawyers persuaded them of the error of their ways, Disneyland After Dark.  The last few times they’ve played the UK their gigs have clashed with other gigs I was at.

The night kicked off with Thundermother, and all female band from Sweden (although the band members are a mix of nationalities).  I missed the first few songs having been late finishing work, but I managed to catch most of their set.  There’s a definite ACDC feel to the music and at times it does feel like they used some ACDC riffs to write the songs.  Despite that it’s a great set, and it’s a shame I missed part of the set.  They look to be having a great time on stage, and look far more experienced than a band that only formed five years ago.  They seem to go down very well with the crowd too, and certainly got them warmed up ready for the main act.

D-A-D took to the stage fairly early for a headliner, at 8.30pm.  For this tour they are playing the albums “No Fuel Left For The Pilgrims” & “Riskin’ It All” in their entirety, playing one of the albums, then taking a short break before playing the second album.  First up was the “Riskin’ It All” album played in order.  Damn these guys are good live – great music and a healthy dose of craziness make the perfect recipe for a great set.  The bassist, Stig Pedersen has a large selection of bass guitars including a transparent one with illuminated edges, and my favourite – a bass with an Iron cross for the body and with a red bi-plane on the head.  Even more unusual is that most only have two strings.  Like many bass players he’s very active and is constantly doing something active and grabbing peoples attention.

They very quickly made me regret having missed their previous shows – these guys are so good live.  The music is great – after all “No Fuel Left For The Pilgrims” is the album that first got them lots of attention outside Denmark, so tonight’s set playing two great albums in full means plenty of great songs.  With D-A-D though it’s more than just the music – they’re just so much fun to watch it’s hard to describe, and it comes as absolutely no surprise to see the venue packed with people all having a great time.  This is one hell of a good live band – if you haven’t seen them before then make the effort to get to one of their show, you won’t regret it.

A great night of music.


Bad Craziness
Day of Wrong Moves
Rock ‘n’ Rock Radar
I Won’t Cut My Hair
Down That Dusty 3’rd World Road
Makin’ Fun of Money
Grow or Pay
Smart Boy Can’t Tell Ya’
Riskin’ It All
Laugh ‘n’ a ½

Ill Will
Wild Talk
Siamese Twin
Lords of the Atlas
Girl Nation
True Believer
Rim of Hell
Point of View
Sleeping My Day Away

It’s After Dark

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