Cypher16 ‘Determine’ E.P.

Cypher 16 are a young band hailing from london, who fuse electronic and metal influences with hints of industrial to create their own unique musical mix.
Yet they are much more than that, as leader Jack Doolan – Vocals/Guitars/Synths and the rest of the band take you on an impressive journey through a potent mixture of thrash metal, metalcore, groove metal, and power metal.
Opener ‘Giant Walls’ shows off the melodic side of Cypher16 with a kick ass opening and complicated intro that even Evile would struggle with.
What is great about this E.P, and indeed the band as a whole is that they are not afraid to blend together anything from any rock genre in order to get their message across.
The six minute ‘Surge To Serenity’ really show cases this point, and with Jack singing, instead of shouting, grunting or screaming down the mic, this comes across like a breath of fresh air.
Here are a band who believe that you do not have to scream to be metal, and it’s interesting to see them carry off the intensity and aggressiveness of the music without any screaming or growling.
‘Determine’, the title track is my favorite on this, full of killer riffs and great fills.
‘House On The Hill’ is the last new track on this E.P, and again shows a strong sense of songwriting
The E.P closes with a remixed version of the previously released single ‘Lonely Road’ which is taken from the band’s ‘The Metaphorical Apocalypse’ EP.
The video for the new single, ‘Giant Walls’ will be released on Monday 15th July 2013, in the meantime check the previous single “Lonely Road”

Cypher16 ‘Determine’ E.P.Tracklist.
01 Giant Wall
02.Surge to Serenity
04. House On The Hill
05. Lonely Road’!/Cypher16

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