Cult Of Fire – Ctvrta Symfonie Ohne

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Cult Of Fire

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On 26 November 2014
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Two stunningly good passages of music that will take your breath away

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Iron Bonehead Records have an uncanny ability and knack in unearthing some really fantastic Black Metal bands from around the world, and none come better than Cult Of Fire from the Czech Republic.
This two track E.P. is basically a celebration and homage to the composer Bedrich Smetana, who completed his work ’Vlatava’ some 140 years ago. Vltava is a river in the Czech Republic, whilst Váh (the title of track 2) is a river situated in Slovakia but of course, you all knew that.

Right, with the Geography lesson over, we turn to the aforementioned ’Vlatava’, an incredibly addictive composition if ever there was. The intro just builds in intensity before moving into an almost old school Metal riff, that ultimately concedes ground to a full Black Metal onslaught, that although managing to pound and pummel you with its speed and dexterity, is incredibly melodic and classically tinged, so much so, that you can almost sense the flow of the rivers waters, marching ever forward.


Second track ’Váh’, opens with a dripping water backdrop, before again building into a mighty crescendo of noise, mirroring the unstoppable force of fast flowing and surging waters, then seamlessly evolving into an amazing, haunting, soaring, and downright uplifting passage of music that brings a tear to the eye, reminding me somewhat of Saturnus or even Anathema in places, just overflowing with imagery and finesse, it has quality stamped all over it.


The overall summary would be one of totally admiration for the band in creating something simply stunning, and exceptionally moving, two tracks that I will treasure forever.


The E.P. will be released through Iron Bonehead Records on the 8th of December in Black vinyl or picture disc formats, and no doubt, through the usual digital channels as well.

Cult Of Fire are;

Devilish – Vocals
Infernal Vlad – Strings
Tom Coroner – Drums


Two stunningly good passages of music that will take your breath away

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