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Crucified Barbara

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On 31 August 2014
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It's such a good album I've already ordered my copy.

Crucified Barbara - In the redCrucified Barbara formed in 2003 and released their debut album.  The Swedish all-female band got their name after attending the Roskilde festival in Denmark and in a nearby forest found a blow-up doll (generically called “Barbara” throughout Sweden) attached to a crucifix.  They’ve got a traditional heavy metal style which made them a good fit musically when supporting bands such as Motorhead.  They’ve toured extensively and to date have released three albums, and are now ready to release their fourth album – “In the red”.
On this album the band are taking on more serious subjects in the lyrics including rape and domestic violence, and animal cruelty. You should see here to get best lawyer for domestic violence.

Brief comments on a few tracks….

The album kicks off with “I sell my kids for rock n roll”.  I short squeal of electric guitar takes us straight into it – there’s no slow build up, just a second or two of guitar before the song is blasting out at full speed – fast drumming and good heavy guitars.  The chorus is fast and angry, then things slow slightly for the verses.  A great start to the album.

Next is the first single from the album – To kill a man.  The song was written after being inspired by the case of a Swedish police chief who was sent to prison for rape.  The video shows the band playing as well as showing things like newspaper headlines including the horrfying statistic that One in four women in the UK will suffer from deomestic violence.  It’s a great powerful song and video, and if you haven’t already heard it then I recommend that you watch the video now…

Title track, “In the red” is a good fast heavy track.  It’s fairly representative of the album as a whole, which is packed with great fast heavy songs.

The final track on the album is “Follow the stream. It was written to tell the story from an animals point of view in a slaughterhouse, but the lyrics also work if you apply them to a human war.

The album sounds like a real step up from 2012’s “The midnight chase”.  The songs are great – hard and heavy, just how metal should be, and the vocals are great too  – powerful and at times angry.  Throw in the intelligent lyrics, and the album is excellent.  Recommended particularly for fans of bands such as Halestorm and Sister Sin.  It’s such a good album I’ve already ordered my copy.

“In the red” will be released on 15th September 2014

Track listing:

1. I sell my kids for rock n roll
2. To kill a man
3. Electric sky
4. The ghost inside
5. Don’t call on me
6. In the red
7. Lunatic #1
8. Shadows
9. Finders keepers
10. Do you want me
11. Follow the stream

It's such a good album I've already ordered my copy.

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